Love Island fans claim Sophie and Paige are wearing underwear as a bikinis


LOVE Island’s Sophie Piper and Paige Turley shocked viewers tonight when they sat by the pool wearing “underwear as bikinis”.

Viewers gawped at stunning Sophie, 21, and Paige, 22, as they chatted in the South African sunshine – wearing what appeared to be lacy lingerie.

Paige Turley and Sophie Piper divided fans as they sat by the pool in ‘lingerie’ style bikinis – however viewers loved Leanne’s metallic pink two piece

Sophie sizzled in a pink, lacy two piece, while Paige wowed in a black bikini that featured extra string support.

However, one person begged to know on Twitter: “Is Paige wearing underwear as a bikini?”

Another asked: “Are the girls wearing lingerie or bikinis?”

As one more viewer tweeted: “I know im old but when did bikinis become lingerie?”

However, another said: “Im really not a fan of these bikinis that looks like underwear tacky.”

The girls relaxed around the villa ahead of the first recoupling on Friday

I know im old but when did bikinis become lingerie #LoveIsland

— missnoname (@l12rly) January 17, 2020

Sorry but this cannot be bikini that Sophie and Paige are wearing?? Is this not lace lingerie?? #loveisland

— Petty Betty (@MickieeLouise) January 17, 2020

Is Paige wearing underwear as a bikini? #LoveIsland

— Mariska Brown (@brown_mariska) January 17, 2020

Are the girls wearing lingerie or bikinis #loveisland

— Fiona Collins (@FionaC77) January 17, 2020

Im really not a fan of these bikinis that looks like underwear tacky #LoveIsland

— Tayyy (@TaylorDash) January 17, 2020

Paige runs away from Finn as he tells her that he has a foot fetish

Later, Eve Gale was dumped from the villa following the show’s first recoupling – leaving her twin Jess devastated.

And viewers were left stunned when sisters Jess and Eve were the final two left standing after the boys were asked to pick who they wanted to couple up with.

Nas had the power to save one of the twins, but finally said: “First and foremost I would like to say it’s a very difficult decision for me.

“I’ve got to know both of them very well over the past week, however, I would like to couple up with this girl because I feel like I have spent slightly more time with them and know them better.

Love Island twin Eve breaks down and tells Jess she has to stay in the villa

“So the girl I would like to couple up with is.”

The chips began to fall for Eve earlier in the episode when Callum told her that he wanted to pursue Shaughna Phillips.

She gave him her blessing, replying during their chat on the sofas: “I want you to be your happiest and true self, like when you see people in conversations, I think you two do get a long well.

“You have your laughs and chats. I’d be happy for you guys. I wish you guys the best.”

But that meant both twins had their work cut out for them, as Jess’ partner Mike had already assigned his loyalty to Leanne.

Jess tried to pursue Connagh, while Eve went for Finnley, but the lads coupled up with Sophie and Paige instead.