Love Island fans spot ‘something missing’ in bedroom as stars wake up in Majorca villa


LOVE Island fans spotted something was missing as the new Islanders woke up in the villa for the first time.

The brand new group of sexy singletons moved into the Love Island villa on Monday night.

Fans noticed the stars – Ella and Tyrique pictured – were not wearing sunglasses in the morning

AJ Bunker previously revealed why they wore their glasses as soon as they woke up

And in last night’s episode fans saw them starting their first full day in the Majorcan pad.

But they insisted something was very different compared to other series – the stars weren’t wearing sunglasses when they woke up.

It’s become tradition for Islanders to put on their shades the moment they open their eyes in the villa.

Former Islanders have spoken out in the past about why it’s necessary to wear sunglasses in the morning.

AJ Bunker – who was on series seven – said it’s because they are “woken by a massive, bright light”.

She added: “It’s awful, it’s like the light of God. It’s the brightest and it’s why everyone wears sunglasses in the morning.

“It’s not because no one has any make-up on, it’s because we’ve all just been blinded by that brutal light.”

But none of the new stars appear to be bothered by the bedroom light as they had their first morning chat without glasses.

Fans have also been speculating over another bedroom activity and are convinced they know which couple will have sex first.

After Molly, 21, and Mitchel, 26, were caught on camera having a snog in bed fans reckon they will soon get frisky between the sheets.

Love Island is famed for its steamy romps – and they think this season will be no different.

One fan took to Twitter to muse on the partnership and call out a clue as they put: “Mitch and Molly are actually pure chemistry it’s well funny.”

Another posted: “Mitch staring over at Molly,” as a third commented: “Mitch and Molly first kiss wow what a nice kiss.”