Love Island feud revealed as boy makes shady comment after Molly’s shock dumping – did you spot it?

Love Island feud as Tyrique makes shady comment after Molly’s shock dumping

LOVE Island’s Tyrique has been branded “a menace” over his comments about Molly Marsh.

The footballer, who is coupled up with Ella Thomas in the villa, told Zachariah Noble: “I know you like her, but she’s not your girl. So you can’t leave.”

Love Island star Tyrique made a narky remark about Molly Marsh after her villa exit

Molly appeared on Aftersun on Sunday night

Fans picked up on the narky moment and reacted on Twitter.

One said: “Tyrique saying ‘I know you like her, but she’s not your girl. So you can’t leave’. It shows he’d let Ella go really easily.”

Another remarked: “‘She’s not your girl bro. You can’t leave’ tyrique is a menace.”

And a third mused: “Tyrique and egging Zachariah on ‘she’s not your girl, DONT LEAVE’ wow you see dating? I’m so glad I left the game a long time ago.”

It’s the second time he has appeared to show a disliking for Molly.

Last week, Tyrique slammed Mitch for defending Zach and Molly during an argument over cheating confessions.

He snapped at Mitch, saying: “You are not Molly’s hero, you are not involved in that relationship so why do you even care?”

Meanwhile, last night he made Ella cry again when he said he wanted to get to know other women in the villa.

Tyrique and Ella were the strongest couple having coupled up on day one.

But on Sunday he said he “missed the game” after admitting he was open to getting to know new bombshell Kady McDermott.

Furious Ella raged back: “Go back to the game then.”

Ella then told Catherine Agbaje and Whitney Adebayo what he said and they were left horrified.

As Ella started to get very upset, Whitney told her: “Ella you can’t be that girl, I’m sorry.”

Tyrique has been in a couple with model Ella since day one, and recently said he wanted them to be “closed off”.

But he made a huge u-turn when Kady entered the show and the pair have been embroiled in numerous rows throughout the series.

Tyrique previously admitted he dated multiple girls in the real world and has never been in an exclusive relationship.

Asked if he’s a player off the pitch, as well as on, he told HOAR: “I have been known to date more than one person at a time I’ll be honest, in the past.

“But I feel like it’s hard, the word player, because the people I’m dating know that I’m dating other people. So it’s not like I’m going behind anyone’s back or anything like that.

“Am I really a player if I’m doing it openly and honestly, does it really make me a player? People have got their opinions.

“I’ll shoot my shot in the villa. I’m not afraid of stepping on anyone’s toes.”

Love Island returns to ITV2 and ITVX tonight at 9pm

Ella got very upset with Tyrique’s comments