Love Island girl performs sexy lap dance for new boy Jamie after footballer makes her his number one girl


LOVE Island’s Danica Taylor performs a red hot lapdance tonight as she tries to woo new boy Jamie Allen.

The footballer, 27, arrived last night with fellow bombshells Nathalia, Reece and Lacey.

Jamie Allen makes it clear Danica Taylor is his number one target

Danica pulls out her best moves to woo him

On his first full day in the villa, he makes it clear Danica is his number one choice.

He says: “I just wanted to pull you quick because, even before coming in here you would have been the girl that I would have come in here to get to know the most.”

Later that evening over a game of Truth or Dare, things heat up between the Islanders and new bombshells.

Opting for a dare, Jamie is asked to kiss the girl he fancies most and he shares a steamy snog with Danica.

When dared to do a lap dance for the boy she is most attracted to, Danica performs a cheeky routine for Jamie.

It’s welcome timing for Danica after she broke down in tears the other night over failing to find romance so far.

Despite her best efforts, she’s not had a connection with any of the guys and it has begun to play on her mind.

Nathalia risks the wrath of the girls in the villa after being dared to kiss three of the Islanders she fancies the most. Which boys will she choose and what will the others make of her choices?

And who is dared to pole dance around Adam? Who ends up sucking someone’s toes and what other events are in store from the game? 

Jamie has been described as a ‘player’ by friends

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