Love Island star admits he’s unemployed as he struggles with life after villa


A LOVE Island fan favourite has revealed he is “unemployed” and “doesn’t have a lot of care” for life outside the villa.

Ron Hall, 25, who reached the 2023 final with partner Lana Jenkins, also 25, has given a candid take on his struggles adjusting to his new-found fame.

A top Love Island star has given a candid take on life outside the villa

Ron Hall, who reached the 2023 show final, said he ‘doesn’t have a lot of care’ for his new famous life

Ron found love with Lana Jenkins in the winter 2023 series

In a frank video posted to his YouTube channel, the Love Island alumni captioned it with the headline: “Life After The Villa & What Now?!”

Hinting at his difficulty switching from his career as a financial adviser to one in the public eye, he perched on a pool table as he spoke to the camera.

Ron confessed: “Really what a lot of people want to know, which seems weird because however many seasons there have been of Love Island maybe not enough people have spoken about it honestly, they want to know what is life like leaving the villa.

“What is this whole new world? And frankly, I don’t know what to call it, because I don’t have a lot of care for it.

“I’m still a normal bloke but people just kind of recognise me.”

Talking of his day to day career, the golf-lover said he can indulge in playing his favourite sport everyday.

He admitted it felt surreal and he believed he “should be working and should be doing a job.”

Ron continued: “Although a bit of honesty about this new life.

“I almost feel unemployed. But 24/7 working, your brain doesn’t switch off.

“Anyone who has tried to film a TikTok or anything like that, for me, this is my new job or life now, your brain has to constantly think of ideas.

“My brain does not work that way – I am not that creative.”

The Manchester lad then appealed to fans for ideas for content.

Fans were quick to praise his honesty in the comments section.

One wrote: “Ron is so genuine and Lana is just so stunning inside and out.”

A second confessed: “Excited to hear anything you have to say. Loved you in the villa. Just do what makes you happy. Be your authentic self. Keep your inner circle small, you know who your real friends are. Just enjoy what you’re doing. Spend time with the lovely Lana.”

Another wrote: “Love how down to earth and focused you are on the things that matter (including Lana hehe) you keep doing you.”

One then admitted: “Loved seeing this Ron!! Videos with Lana are a must but pls also make financial advice videos cause almost all of us need that!!”

Ron and Lana recently spilled the beans on villa life.

The duo revealed that some of the iconic scenes such as dates and even the heart rate challenge were filmed multiple times.

The duo also admitted that Claudia Fogarty, 28, got the opportunity to master her dramatic entrance in the villa in several takes.

Former financial advisor Ron confessed he ‘almost feels unemployed’ as he can spend his days playing his favourite sport golf

He appealed to fans for help with ideas as he told how he was ‘not creative’ with content

He admitted he ‘does not know’ what to call his new-found fame