Love Island Star Cara De La Hoyde Feuds with Neighbor Over Bonfire Mishap

Cara De La Hoyde annoyed as she was drying her clean sheets outside when a neighbour decided to burn a bonfire and stink out the whole street, ,

Reality TV star Cara De La Hoyde took to social media to express her frustration with a neighbor who decided to burn a bonfire, causing an unpleasant smell that wafted through the entire street. The Love Island alum was in the process of drying her clean sheets when the incident occurred, sparking her rant on social media.

A Sunny Day Turned Sour

Cara, 33, vented her annoyance, stating, "Do you know what really annoys me, and really grinds my gears? It’s a nice day today probably one of the last we’re going to have so I cleaned all the house, opened the windows, I’ve done the towels and put them on the line outside and my bedding.

Then do you know what some divvy does? He decides to do a bonfire and stink out the whole street because it’s sunny. I’m really controlling my swearing here. That’s so selfish."

Unpleasant Consequences

The reality star went on to explain that she had no choice but to close all her windows due to the strong odor resembling that of a pack of cigarettes. Cara also had to bring in her laundry, which was now going to take three additional days to dry, all because of her neighbor's bonfire.

She added, "I’ve had to put my diffusers on. It’s really wound me up."

Support from Followers

Cara's followers expressed solidarity with her, sharing their own frustrations with inconsiderate neighbors. One follower commented, "Omg this KILLS me. Hottest day of the year our neighbors did this. So selfish. It’s people who can’t be bothered to go to the tip!"

Another follower sympathized, stating, "That would put me in the worst mood ever… I pull up a line of washing can guarantee Numpty across the road starts a bbq…. !!"

Cara Keeps it Real

Cara, who has two children with her husband Nathan Massey, recently gained praise for providing an honest glimpse into her family life. She posted a video showcasing her messy house, including her nearly empty fridge and untidy living room.

Many fans applauded her for showcasing the realities of being a busy working mom. One fan wrote, "Do you know, you are a whole vibe, love your normality and openness."

Another fan commented, "Love love love. The room's not tidy, the fridge is bare, the kids are late. An absolute normal day for any mom. Keeping it real for everyone."