Love Island Star Olivia Bowen Finds Career in Interior Design


From Reality TV to Renovations

Olivia Bowen, who rose to fame on Love Island in 2016, has revealed that she has found a passion for interior design. The 29-year-old, who now boasts 3.1 million followers on Instagram, has been using her time in lockdown to study interior design and has even started renovating properties. Olivia, who owns an incredible mansion in Essex with her husband Alex, says that interior design has become a part of her life that she absolutely loves.

Interior Design as Me-Time

In a recent campaign with Philips, Olivia highlighted the importance of me-time for British women. She admitted that interior design is one of the ways she takes time for herself, saying that anything can be self-care. According to figures from Phillips, many women spend less than one hour a week on themselves, feeling pressure to complete work tasks and life admin instead.

Challenges of Being a Mum

Olivia, who became a mum to son Abel in June 2022, opened up about the challenges of making time for herself as a mother. She expressed that many women, including herself, feel guilty for prioritizing their own needs. Despite this, Olivia makes sure to take time for herself and also prioritize her relationship with her husband. The couple is even considering expanding their family and buying another property next year.

A Successful Transition

Olivia Bowen's career in interior design is a testament to her ability to transition from reality TV to a successful career path. Through her passion for design and renovations, she has found a new calling that brings her joy and fulfillment.