Rishi Sunak will look at changing the law to stop killer dads controlling kids in prison


RISHI Sunak will look at changing the law to stop killer dads from controlling their kids in prison.

The PM is understood to be sympathetic to the move after HOAR exposed a shocking loophole which lets murderers block passport applications and request medical details.

Rishi Sunak is weighing up changing the law to see if more can be done to protect kids with dads trying to control them in prison

We told of the tragic case of Jade Ward, who was murdered by her estranged partner, leaving behind four boys.

But their Dad, Russell, is still causing them hell from behind bars and trying to influence their son’s lives.

Jade’s Law would close that loophole and end all parental rights for killers the moment they are convicted.

Women’s Aid and Killed Women are backing our campaign too.

Labour has got behind the move – and are piling pressure on ministers to act now to stop the “indefensible” suffering.

No10 said today the crime was “horrific” and welcomed the debate into what more can be done.

Ministers have been asked to look at the case to see if the law can be strengthened.

Judges can already strip killer dads of their rights – but this can cost hard-up families thousands of pounds and dads are likely to fight back.

The PM’s spokesperson said today: “This was a horrific crime, it has rightly sparked interest in this.

“The PM’s thoughts are with the family of Jade Ward. Judges already have powers to remove rights from a parent who murders the other.

“We are rightly looking at how the welfare of children is always put first and considering whether the law needs to be strengthened.”

Jade’s family say their push to amend legislation has so far fallen flat across Whitehall.

But Justice Secretary Alex Chalk is understood to be looking at options to change the law.

Labour will put down an amendment to a Victims’ bill currently going through Parliament to address the issue.

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