Love Island Star Shaughna Phillips Hits Back at Body Shamers and Reveals Weight Loss Journey


Struggling with Body Image

Love Island star Shaughna Phillips has recently opened up about her body image and the challenges she has faced since becoming a mom. In an episode of her new podcast, Oh Baby!, the 28-year-old revealed that she has gained five stone in weight after giving birth to her daughter Lucia in April. However, Shaughna has already managed to lose a stone and is determined to continue her weight loss journey.

Pressure in the Public Eye

Speaking candidly, Shaughna admitted that she is struggling to navigate her new body while being under public scrutiny. She expressed the added pressure of having to achieve her weight loss goals in the public eye. Shaughna also shared that she has received comments from body shamers, telling her that she needs to lose weight.

Ignoring the Trolls

Despite the negative comments, Shaughna emphasized that they do not bother her and that she does not care about what the trolls say. She has dealt with more significant challenges in her life and does not let the opinions of strangers affect her. Shaughna is focused on being present in the moment and finding a healthy balance between taking care of herself and her baby.

Weight Loss Progress

Shaughna recently took to Instagram to share that she has already lost a stone in weight. With a touch of humor, she mentioned that she still has a long way to go, jokingly saying, "Only another three hundred to go." She is determined to continue her weight loss journey and embrace her new body.

Shaughna's podcast, Oh Baby!, co-hosted with Holly Connolly, is available on all podcast platforms. Listen to all episodes here.