Love Island Winners Accused of Staging Breakup for Reality Show


A Love Island couple has come under fire from fans who believe they faked their heartbreaking split in order to participate in a reality show. Paige Turley and Finley Tapp, who won the show three years ago, shocked Love Island fans when they announced their breakup earlier this year. However, their recent decision to sign up for Celebrity Ex on the Beach has raised some eyebrows.

Fans Question Timing of Breakup

Concerns regarding the authenticity of their split arose when it was revealed that Paige and Finn had already committed to another reality show. On Reddit, one user expressed their skepticism, stating, "So this is what they broke up for?" Another person replied, "That was my first thought. 'Break up' amicably, get back together on the show, boom, extra exposure and renewed interest in their relationship and careers." These doubts were echoed by a third individual who admitted having the same thought.

Preparing for Another Reality Show?

A TV insider spoke with HOAR and commented on the couple's decision to join Celebrity Ex on the Beach. They stated, "There are some Love Island exes who would never wish to share the screen with each other ever again. These two aren't like that – their split actually seemed almost friendly – but it's still going to be awkward being on another reality show together again. Maybe we'll see romance, though I probably wouldn't hold my breath."

Shock Among Fans

According to sources, Paige and Finn decided to end their relationship because they believed it wasn't meant to last. This revelation left fans in complete shock, as they had been cheering on the lovebirds ever since their Love Island victory.