Love Island’s Erin romps with Eden after bragging they’ll ‘stay up all night’ in the Hideaway


LOVE Island’s Erin jumped into bed with Eden tonight after bragging they were going to “stay up all night” in the Hideaway.

The couple drank champagne before getting intimate under the sheets after Eden spent an hour writing a romantic poem for his love interest.

Eden looked like he was enjoying his night in the Hideaway


Smooth talker Eden read his poetry to Erin to convince her to spend a night in the Hideaway with him.

The topless hunk reels off a few lines of rhyme and the blonde beauty is putty in his large hands.

Talking about their evening alone in the villa, Eden said: “We’re just going to be talking all night.”

“We’re going to get to know each other so much more,” added Erin.

The couple were drinking champagne
They shared a smooch on the bed before turning the lights out
Things started to get intimate

“It’s going to be so good, we’re going to have such a good sleep…” before winking to the camera.

The couple spent time talking their blossoming relationship before they the lights went off.

Viewers watched as Eden started to smirk while Erin disappeared under the covers.

The duvet moved up and down as the couple settled in for the night.

Elsewhere in the villa, Millie and Natasha went to war as they fought for the affections of Big Brother star Josie Gibson’s ex – John-James.

Eden and Erin had a snog before they headed off to the Hideaway
The couple headed off to the Hideaway

He ended up getting together with the This Morning presenter, 35, after meeting on the show but got dumped when she claimed he had cheated on her.

He told NW Magazine he was looking to find a woman who could be a “best friend you can bang” when he entered the villa back in 2018.

Love Island Australia is being rerun on ITV2 after the British version was cancelled amid the coronavirus crisis.

Josie and John went out for a year before the relationship came to a bitter end.

Power couple Eden and Erin

They were pulling out all the stops to get the attention of newcomer John-James.

UK viewers may recognise the man mountain from when he appeared on Big Brother back in 2010.