FIFA 22 fixes glaring launch issue with latest update


FIFA 22 launched with a pivotal feature missing, but the latest update has rolled out a fix for fans.

Players with multiple playthroughs in FIFA 22‘s Career mode may have run into the issue created by the auto save feature.

FIFA 22 update adds manual save back to Career Mode

Intended to improve the save flow in Career mode, the auto save functionality actually resulted in players unintentionally saving over progress from alternate playthroughs.

But the FIFA 22 Title Update #3 has addressed the complaint, adding a ‘Save and Quit’ option.

This will now be the first option in the pop up when leaving Career mode, and lets players manually choose their save slot.

“When FIFA 22 launched, there was some intended improvements to the save flow when exiting Career mode,” explains Joel Doonan, Player First Operations (PFO) Producer on the FIFA franchise.

“The intent was to really focus on using the auto save functionality to help it be faster as players exited and entered Career mode etc.

“Unfortunately that ended up having an unintended impact on players that were running multiple save files, or … different playthroughs in Career mode.”

He goes on to explain that there’s a “rolling three save system” underpinning the auto save feature that’s shared across all of the Career mode’s save files,

That’s what lead to some players auto-saving over one of their previous files by accident.

Title Update #3 returns the manual save option to the save flow when you exit Career mode.

So if you’ve got multiple Career modes on the go, or like to have a few saves running for the same playthrough, you can now manually pick which file to overwrite when saving and exiting.

The auto save option is still there so if you have just the one game on the go, you can still use it as you’ve been doing so far.

Auto save is faster so if you’re not worried about saving over previous files, Doonan says you can stick to that without having to worry.

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