Love Island’s Faye and Teddy return to Instagram with romantic post after vile racist trolls made them quit


LOVE Island stars Faye Winter and Teddy Soares are defying the haters with a romantic loved-up snap on their return to Instagram.

The duo, who finished runners up in the matchmaking reality series, have been hit by cruel racist slurs which previously forced them into social media silence.

Love Island’s Teddy Soares and Faye Winter returned to Instagram with a loved up snap
The matchmaking show runners-up have spoken candidly about the abuse they have suffered from racist trolls

Yet now they are back living their best lives on Instragram, with an adorable loved-up picture to prove it.

Teddy, 26, captured a shot showing him kissing former estate agent Faye, also 26, on the cheek in a pub beer garden in Devon.

She giggled as he nuzzled into her for his display of affection.

The duo were enjoying a drink in the stunning sunshine near to Faye’s childhood home.


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Teddy gushed in the caption: “Swear this life is like the sweetest thing I’ve ever known.”

In the comments below, Faye was quick to sweetly respond: “This life would mean nothing without you.”

Fans were on the same page as they were left besotted over the snap.

One wrote: “Still think you pair are the strongest couple to come out of Love Island. The love you have for each other is so clear to see. How you didn’t win is beyond me- although you are both clear winners in the long run. I wish you both so much happiness 🥂 💕

Another put: “Hottest couple to have come out of love island!!” as a third noted: “You two are so lovely together. Stay blessed.”

One then joked: “Literally crying my corneas out now❤

Faye previously showed the strength of their partnership when she exclusively told HOAR she would give up her new lifestyle at the drop of a hat if it risked her relationship with Teddy.

“Me and Teddy always say as long as our relationship is good, then nothing else matters,” added Faye.

“I want my relationship to be the first and foremost thing. If me and Teddy started to go down the pan. I would give up jobs to make our relationship work.

“He’s my biggest fan. I couldn’t do this without him. Teddy supports every dream I have and I support every dream he has.”


Earlier this week, the pair revealed they had previously quit Instagram due to vile racist abuse.

Teddy recently opened up about why the couple had to come off Instagram for a while during a recent episode of Vicky Pattison’s The Secret To… podcast.

He said: “She [Faye] gets quite a lot of racism thrown at her for being with me.

And I was experiencing the same thing, over a kind of Q&A I think, but not to go into too much detail there, it was just something that I’ve never really expected to have any kind of trolling at all. Any kind of trolling.”

He added: “It’s just there. You delete it, but you’ve got so much coming your way and I think any kind of hate, any kind of jealousy, any kind of toxicity in the world is just nasty.

“I like to keep it positive, I love to keep good energy, always.”

The reality star went on to explain that as a couple they thought the best thing to do was take a social media detox.

Teddy continued: “So when I saw it, it was like, ‘What am I supposed to do?’

“I just came off Instagram, Faye did the same, and we just went to Devon.

“We just kind of spent three or four days out of social media and I was on the phone to my family, speaking to my family a lot more around that time as well, and kind of going back into our own personal bubble and almost reminding ourselves who we are.”

Despite receiving disgusting comments online, the couple are better than ever.

Teddy told Vicky: “I’m not just saying this, we are going from strength to strength.

“I’m not even going to say that we don’t have our spats. We do obviously have our spats.

“Yeah, we’re together obviously 24/7 but yeah, everything’s just like… it’s going kind of up and I couldn’t have honestly dreamed of being in the position where my life has changed massively.

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“To kind of have a partner that you’re able to kind of just have good conversations with, come back home, smile and just like enjoy each other’s company. It’s good, it’s amazing.”

Faye and Teddy placed second just behind Liam Reardon and Millie Court in Love Island 2021.

Teddy, 26, recently told how the pair opted for a social media detox after the vile abuse

He told how Faye gets ‘quite a lot’ of abuse directed at her for being with him

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