Love Islands Jess and Ched have dinner with each others families before partying with finalists on boozy night out


LOVE Island’s Jess and Ched had dinner with each other’s families before partying with the finalists.

After touching down in the UK, the couple wasted no time in introducing their nearest and dearest.

Jess filmed as the families enjoyed food together

Both sets of parents can be seen, as well as Jess‘ twin sister Eve – who she had a squealing reunion with just moments before.

Though once their family obligations were over, they met up with the Love Island finalists for a boozy night out.

Luke T, Siannise, Paige, Finn, Luke M and Demi all enjoyed a meal on the table opposite, before they headed upstairs for drinks on the roof.

It looked chilly as they wrapped up in blankets while downing shots.

Ched and Jess’ family came together as they arrived back in the UK
They sat on opposite sides of the table from each other
The other finalists were eating food elsewhere in the restaurant

It’s a good thing Ched is getting so cosy with the Gale family as he’s planning to move in with Jess and her sister Eve.

Ched has revealed that he has happily accepted that the two beauties come as a package – and he is even considering moving into their shared London flat.

Jess said: “Me and Eve live in a flat together in London. So for me to move somewhere with Ched it would mean Eve is alone and I dont want to make Eve alone…

“Unless Ched was to move in with me and Eve. We havent really spoken about this yet!”

It wasn’t long before the shots came out
Luke M and Demi, who came third, joined in the fun
They had to wrap up while outside though
Even muscle man Ched looked a bit chilly

Ched replied: “I wouldnt really mind to be fair living with both of them, what I saw of Eve, I get on with Eve as well.

“It would be easy to live with both of them.”

He even insisted that he would “do everything” when it comes to domestic duties as he bragged about his cooking skills.