Love Island’s Laura Anderson forced to deny photoshopping after trolls claim she made herself ‘thinner’ in holiday pic


LOVE Island star Laura Anderson bluntly told trolls to “get over yourselves” after they claimed she’d photoshopped her latest stunning pool-side picture.

The former air hostess posed for a side-on snap showing off her slender figure in a cream ruffle dress with a red rose pattern.

Love Island star Laura Anderson was accused of photoshopping her latest sun-soaked Instagram image

Laura, 31, stared thoughtfully at a spot on the floor as the snap captured the golden glow across her face.

She captioned the image: “Even a Rose has thorns 🥀,” with reference to the pattern on her frock, but almost immediately fans called out the integrity of the image and whether it had been edited.

One posted: “Now if that’s not photoshopped idk what is,” before telling another user who defended Laura: “No you’re clearly just blind cause it’s photoshopped.”

Another Instagram user commented: “Look at the part above her hand. It’s clearly photoshopped. On her waist.”

Fans flooded the comments section with suggestions her waist had been edited

They were blunt in their suggestions the image was not as it seems

One Instagram user called on the 31-year-old to ‘ease off the editing’

A third then mused: “Actually one of the worst photoshops I’ve ever seen… Everyone’s going on about her hand but check out the water behind her waist 👀.”

Never one to take flack lying down, Laura was quick to correct the trolls and wittily told one: “It’s not [photoshopped] but thanks I must be perfect if it looks photoshopped 😂 get over yourselves.”

To a second, she replied: “My hand??? It’s the fabric you nutter 🙈.”

She then replied to the end of a lengthy photo editing debate comment and said: “At the end of the day this photo has not been photoshopped so give me peace.”

Laura replied and sassily told the trolls to ‘get over themselves’

She called for the cruel users to give her ‘peace’

Laura recently switched up her hair to her ‘natural’ brunette style

The Scot recently showcased her new “natural” brunette hairstyle – a marked change from the blonde locks she showcased in 2018’s Love Island.

Fans were also left confused when she appeared to have a changed face after posing for a snap with former co-star Jack Fincham.

Last year Laura hit back at claims that she had had cosmetic surgery, and revealed she had simply treated herself to a “face peel”.

Slamming her follower’s comments, she wrote: “Guys please stop commenting on my face, I got a face peel which is all I’ve been talking about on my story.

Despite currently being on holiday, she has moved back to Glasgow

“My face swelled up, a girl still has to work.”

Meanwhile, despite currently being overseas, she has returned to her native Scotland after splitting with boyfriend Tom.

She concerned fans when she revealed she’d returned to her native Scotland, and later addressed the speculation.

Taking to her Instagram Story Laura wrote: “Thank you for all the DMs asking about Tom and I since I’ve moved up North. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out between us. In respect of Tom’s privacy I won’t be discussing this further. All my love to him and you all for your continued support.”

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