Love Islands Leanne says shes got the ick about Mike and doesnt want to kiss him in shocking first look


LOVE Island fans have been left in shock after the teaser for Tuesday’s episode reveals Leanne Amaning has “got the ick” from Mike Boateng.

The pair have been coupled up since day one but Leanne has had to put the brakes on, after admitting Mike was too forward for her liking and that she wanted to take things much slower.

Leanne tells Jess and Sophie she has the ick

But in a shock teaser for tomorrow, Leanne appears to be telling Jess Gale and Sophie Piper that she no longer wants to be coupled up with the policeman and that she doesn’t enjoy kissing him.

“I just feel like I’ve got the ick,” she says.

“I don’t have it in me, I don’t want to be around me, I don’t want him to touch me, I don’t want him to kiss me, I just don’t want to be around the boy.”

The pair were thought to be one of the strongest, but doubts began to creep in for both over the last week.

She says that she doesn’t want him to kiss her or touch her

The pair have been coupled up since day one

But Leanne’s words left Love Island fans furious, with many calling her “mean”.

“OMG Leanne I actually cant back you anymore #LoveIsland,” shared one annoyed fan, as another added: “Leanne now youre being mean.”

The pair had been the bookies’ favourites to win the first ever series of Winter Love Island.

But they have been involved in a series of ups and downs, with Leanne – who revealed on day one she struggled to open up – admitting Mike was moving too fast.

However, when Jess Gale picked Mike to become a couple he soon told Jess that he wanted to pursue things with Leanne and the London lass revealed that his actions had made her feelings clear.

Beaming Leanne couldn’t hide her delight. She told him: “I’m glad to hear that. I’m literally so happy.”

But it looks like it wasn’t too last, with the teaser suggesting Leanne has had her head turned.