Love Island’s Malin Andersson looks exhausted after night shift working as a nurse in care home


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LOVE Island’s Malin Andersson looked exhausted following a night shift working as a nurse for a care home.

The 27-year-old star returned to work as a carer on the frontline earlier this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has claimed thousands of lives across the UK.

Malin returned to work as a carer due to the coronavirus pandemic

The TV favourite was seen looking exhausted, still in her uniform, as she struggled to carry a box of water following a shift.

Malin was also seen with a box of medical gloves, which may have been used as PPE, as she got into her car.

She previously spoke to HOAR Online about her decision to return to care work in Buckinghamshire, explaining that she felt that it was important to do her bit as she “has the training so can offer a hand”.

Speaking last month, Malin – who shot to fame on Love Island in 2016 – explained that she was working three or four days a week, visiting up to six elderly people a day.

The star was seen with a box of medical gloves
Malin looked tired following a long shift
The bighearted star is doing her bit during the pandemic

She offers conversation and company as well as tending to their needs, sharing: “Once I’ve got them up, washed and dressed them, administered their medication and fed them, I mainly sit talking to them.”

Tragically, Malin also explained that the heartbreaking death of her mother and baby daughter has left her unfazed by the risk of contracting the deadly disease herself.

She shared: “I’ve got to be honest, I’m not in fear of contracting it because it’s just me.

“When it comes to illnesses and stuff, I’ve never been scared of stuff like that… I’ve seen my mum die, I’ve seen my daughter die, I’ve been through so much trauma I’m not scared of anything.”

Malin previously opened up to HOAR Online about her decision to return to the frontline
The beauty first shot to fame in Love Island

The bighearted beauty added: “Going back into care now has been really good for me mentally. Sometimes I can have my down days, like we all do, and I can overthink.”

Malin first became a carer after her mum lost her cancer battle in 2017, with the star caring for her in her final days.

However, she admitted that she “struggled” because her grief was still “too raw” and it was “way too soon” – so she quit after just a few months when she fell pregnant.

She gave birth to daughter Consy seven weeks early in December 2018, but the little girl tragically passed away the following month.