Love Island’s Paige Thorne hailed a “dream woman” as she rocks a chic outfit on a shopping spree with Danica Taylor


Paige Thorne, known from last year's Love Island, turned heads as she strutted down the streets in a Barbie pink mini skirt and a stylish v-neck jumper. The social media star, who ended her relationship with Adam Collard soon after leaving the show, was flooded with praise from her followers.

Raving reviews for Paige's fashion sense

Among the many adoring comments, one follower wrote, "The woman of my dreams!" while another added, "Paige, the outfit is on top." Paige's close friend, Danica, couldn't help but show her love and support, commenting, "I love you hehe." Antigoni Buxton joined in the cheer, writing, "My girliesssss."

Paige opted for a more laid-back look, pairing her ensemble with white trainers and soft curls in her hair. After their shopping trip in Bicester Village, Oxfordshire, the duo indulged in some Italian cuisine, with Paige captioning the moment, "Pasta, shopping & mocktails is our love language."

Paige's success beyond Love Island

Since her time on Love Island, Paige has seen her popularity skyrocket, gaining millions of followers on social media and securing a lucrative six-figure deal with clothing brand Forever Unique. Despite her fame and success, Paige had every intention of returning to her job as a paramedic.

The NHS controversy

However, in a surprising turn of events, Paige shared her disappointment in a recent podcast interview. She claimed that she was "snubbed" by the NHS, with her employer expressing concerns over her bikini photos on social media.

In the podcast, Paige revealed her frustration, saying, "I was like, 'I'll go back to being a paramedic,' but my job was like, 'Don't really want you to do that cos you post pictures in bikinis.' I was so upset, I worked really hard to be a paramedic, it was so much training and I worked three years before that, Covid, did it all and they were like, 'Actually, thanks but no thanks.'"

Public backlash

Listeners were quick to vent their anger on Reddit, criticizing the NHS's decision to let Paige go. One redditor expressed their frustration, stating, "The NHS is in a dire state and could use all the paramedics and help they can get – but they're forcing people to quit over bikini pics? So incredibly unserious. This actually p***** me off a bit."

Another user pointed out the gender bias, saying, "This IS misogyny because Alex George from the previous seasons went back to his job as an NHS doctor for several years and nobody had anything to say about it. The ambulance waiting times are longer than ever, and this is where their priorities lie?"