Love Islands posh Ollie Williams will lose his 15m inheritance if he has sex on TV


HERE are five lads who definitely swerved the mince pies and turkey over Christmas.

Ollie, Connor, Nas, Callum and Mike have their bodies Love Island ready ahead of the start of the first ever winter series, which kicks off from South Africa on Sunday.

Callum, Ollie, Connor, Nas and Mike are the first lads to enter the Love Island villa in South Africa

Ratings for the ITV2 show reached record levels last summer when Amber Gill and Greg OShea werecrowned champions.

So will these hunks in trunks keep us glued to the telly in Britains most talked about show? Lets meet them…

Ollie Williams, 23

Ollie revealed his dad will write him out of the will if he has sex on Love Island

LOVE Islands poshest contestant could miss out on his 15million inheritance if he has sex on TV.

Ollie Williams, whose family run the Lanhydrock Estate in Cornwall, was warned by his dad to behave himself or face the consequences.

Ollie told The Sun: Dad said he would write me out of the will. I said to him, OK, brilliant. Mum was like, Oh my God.

Ollie, 23, who is in line to inherit the estate, added that he and his parents had discussed him having sex on the show before he flew off.

Posh boy Ollie said his parents warned him against having sex on TV before he flew to South Africa

He told me: I said to them I wouldnt do it. I cant see why that would change. My grandmother will be watching the show and thats what I have at the back of my mind.

She hadnt previously seen it but she was down for Christmas and my mum insisted on showing her some episodes.

Ollies Instagram is full of pictures showing off his luxury lifestyle of fancy cars, holidays and yachts.

But Ollie insists he will be keeping his wealth secret from co-stars so he does not attract any gold diggers.

Ollie’s family own the Lanhydrock Estate in Cornwall
The castle-like home features a 116 foot long gallery

He explained: In the past, girls have never known about my money. Theyve never known until I have taken them home.

Im not a snob. And I dont brag. Im very humble and understated.

The only way you find out is when you come down the drive. They see the estate and go, What the f***.

“It is the kind of reaction I get and it can be quite fun.

Mike Boateng, 24

Mike Poateng has vowed to respect his religious parents during his time on Love Island

POLICE officer Mike Boateng, 24, says he has to respect the fact his dad, a Pentecostal church reverend, and his deeply religious mum will be watching.

He said: Ill make myself proud and my mum proud. And the whole fam, and the police force. Mum said, Just be you, youre a likeable person. My mum likes me.

The last time I spoke to Dad he was under the impression that my love life was going OK!

Hell be watching thinking, I wonder how this one goes.

Connor Durnam, 25

Connor Durman, who used to work as a naked butler, revealed his job led to a lot of strange requests

COFFEE bean salesman Connor Durman is used to stripping off he did it for money while travelling in Australia.

The 25-year-old, who is about to launch his own business, worked as a Butler in the Buff in Sydney. And it was a job that led to some strange requests.

He revealed: I was at a party for OAPs and they had me glazing sausage rolls.

Then I went out on the balcony and they taught me how to knit. I was in my little apron, top off, bum out.

Callum Jones, 23

Callum says he didn’t tell his work that he’d be taking part in Love Island

SCAFFOLDER Callum Jones, 23, quit his job but did not tell bosses he was going on Love Island.

He said: I applied for the summer show, but it was just a little bit too late so they gave me a call back to apply for this series, so Im happy. I didnt tell my work. They knew Id applied but they didnt know how far I got.

They would have expected me to turn up to work on Monday. But then I handed my notice in to one of the lads.

I think he had an inkling what I was doing.

Nas Majeed, 23

Nas dumped his only long-term girlfriend to focus on university

SPORTS science graduate Nas Majeed, 23, says he has never found love because he puts football before girls.

Nas, who dumped his only long-term girlfriend to concentrate on achieving a first in his degree, said:

Girls come and go but education, family and football are the things I want to excel in.

He now wants to find a girl to take the strain off his mum, who cooks and cleans for him. He added: My mum wants someone she knows is going to be able to take care of me take the reins off her.

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