Love Island’s Shaughna hits back at trolls over ‘too much filler’ comments and says she ‘won’t stop getting lips done’


LOVE Island’s Shaughna Phillips has hit back at trolls who said she had ‘too much filler’ and says she ‘won’t stop getting her lips done’.

The reality star took to her Instagram stories after one follower demanded she look more “natural”.

Shaughna Phillips hit back at trolls on her Instagram story

After sharing the troll’s post, Shaughna ranted: “I will not be someone’s verbal punchbag just because I’ve been on Love Island.

“You wouldn’t say the things you comment on my pictures to a random young girl on the street so don’t think you can say it to me on my comments.

“I don’t care if you think I’ve had too much filler.

“You telling me I’ve had too much ain’t gonna stop me getting anymore.”

One follower told her to “stop with the fillers”

The star said the comments won’t stop her getting more lip filler

This isn’t the first time Shaughna has been forced to hit back at trolls.

Earlier this month, she surprised fans after posting a picture looking dramatically different.

Shaughna appeared on Instagram with big lips and wavy hair looking to the side of the camera, writing: “Procrastination is a talent I’ve perfected during lockdown, wbu?”

One fan asked: “Same filter as Khloe Kardashian?? X” while another wanted to know: “Is it edited or surgery?”

Shaugna was likened to Khloe Kardashian after she posted this picture

One critic said she looks “twice her age”

A third wrote: “What have you done to your face???” to which Shaughna replied: “Beat the f*** outta it.”

Shaughna recently took down a critic who accused her of having surgery saying: “You looked better on love island.. u look twice your age now with all these fillers omgosh.”

She replied: “Please please PLEASEEEEEEE tell me when you think I’ve had time to get fillers during a WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC…”

The star was involved in much of the drama in the winter series of Love Island after staying loyal to Manchester scaffolder Callum Jones.

The Londoner looked very different in the Love Island villa earlier this year