Love Island’s Toby Aromolaran reveals which Islander is going to ‘become a millionaire first’


LOVE Island star Toby Aromolaran as revealed which Islander will rake in their first million after leaving the villa.

The reality star – who enjoyed his own success when he shot to fame on the ITV2 show in 2021 – said there is one Islander who can cash in using their popular catchphrase to get brand deals.

Love Island’s Toby thinks there is one Islander who could make a fortune after the villa

Toby said Whitney could cash in using her popular catchphrase ‘it’s giving’

Love Island is known for its pretty niche lingo, including “muggy”, “my type on paper” and “Factor 50”.

Now, London-based Whitney Adebayo, 25, has introduced viewers to the phrase “it’s giving”, which has been used throughout the series.

Toby, 24, said it has become the slogan of the season and believes Whitney could make a fortune from it.

When asked who he thinks will be the most successful Islander this series, Toby exclusively told HOAR: “I think it’s a woman’s industry – I think the girls will do the best.

“I think Whitney has her own slogan – ‘It’s giving’.

“She’s going to make the most money.

“We’re going to see it’s giving lashes, it’s giving make-up, it’s giving clothes, it’s giving crop top.

“All of that’s coming. We’re going to see it all the time, she might even get sick of it.”

‘It’s giving’ has become popular on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, and is used to positively describe the overall vibe of a person or thing.

It comes after Toby revealed why his best pal Tyrique Hyde has not asked Ella Thomas to be his girlfriend yet – and the reason might surprise you.

Tyrique declared his love for Ella last week, but many fans were left confused as to why he didn’t ask her to be his girlfriend first.

Toby admitted he was equally surprised, saying his pal should have asked Ella to be his girlfriend but said there may be a good reason why he’s waiting.

Speaking exclusively to HOAR, Toby said: “I’m waiting for him to make her his girlfriend really and truly but I don’t know if he’s going to do that on the inside or outside.

“Maybe he was waiting for the parent’s approval or maybe he’s just waiting for his friends approval.

“I feel like people on the inside of the villa can be different on the outside of the villa, so maybe he’s waiting until he gets out and then he can actually really know that person properly.”

Toby explained that Tyrique could be worried about the distance between him and Ella when they come out, with his pal based in Essex and Ella in Glasgow.

He said: “He loves her, he should really and truly have her as a girlfriend.

“That would be his first girlfriend, so I know that’s a massive step for him. Humongous! I think it’s coming.

“Maybe he’s waiting for his friends approval, who knows.

“Maybe it’s the distance, they’re worlds apart, Glasgow and Essex but I’m speculating here.”

Toby said there is a big reason why he hasn’t asked Ella to be his girlfriend