I’m the Queen of Clean & I swear by an 80p buy that I use all over my house – it removes stains & gets my loo sparkling

We're savvy mums & swear by the XX method to get through Summer term - it means shoes last until they break up and sun cream stains on T-shirts never happen , Lynsey Crombie

A CLEANING fan, known as The Queen of Clean, has revealed the quick and cheap hack that she swears by to get her home sparkling.

From banishing stubborn tea stains in mugs to removing limescale in her loo, Lynsey Crombie explained that she often uses an 80p bargain buy from Tesco.

Lynsey Crombie, also known online as The Queen of Clean, has taken to social media to share the quick and easy hack she uses around her home

The cleaning whizz explained that she swears by 80p denture tablets from Tesco

She uses them get rid of stains from mugs and clean dirty dishes

Posting on TikTok under the username @lynsey_queenofclean, Lynsey explained her clever tip and noted that she uses denture tablets all around her home.

The cleaning whizz explained: “Denture tablets have so many wonderful uses.

“Known to be used to clean grime off of dentures to keep them sparkling clean, but they can also be an inexpensive and eco way to clean your home.

“They contain bicarbonate of soda, and citric acid which means they can disinfect, whiten, and remove stains easily!

“I have popped a few uses here, but there are so many more, including popping in the washing machine.”

In the clip, Lynsey demonstrated the “fabulous uses for denture tablets.”

First of all, she explained that she uses the tablets to soak and clean her dish cloths, as she filled up a bucket with water and placed the tablet and her cloths in. 

Next, she noted that she also uses the tablets to remove stains from mugs.

To demonstrate, Lynsey got a dirty mug, filled it with boiling water, dropped a tablet in and watched it bubble.

Rather than spending ages scrubbing away at the mug, Lynsey then emptied the water, showing off how clean it now was.

As well as this, she also uses the tablets to clean up sink drains and to wash dirty dishes – as she simply added water with the tablet and let it get to work. 

Not only this, but she also claimed that she puts a tablet in a vase of flowers to keep them looking fresh for longer and also drops one in her loo to remove watermarks and limescale from toilets. 

Lynsey’s clip has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed over 20,000 views, 267 likes, 60 saves and 13 shares.

Many social media users were grateful for the tips and took to the comments to express this. 

One person said: “Thank you.” 

Another added: “Because they contain mild bleach.”

Whilst a third commented: “Bleach does the same thing.”

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She also adds them to flowers to help them last longer

She even pops one in her loo to banish limescale
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