Love Island’s Whitney tells Mehdi she ‘doesn’t care’ about him in savage dig as former couple have frosty reunion


LOVE Island star Whitney Adebayo issued a brutal put down to former villa partner Mehdi Edno as they had an awkward face-to-face reunion.

The fiery moment saw Whitney insist she ‘did not care’ about Mehdi as he made comments to Maya Jama on their now dwindled villa spark.

Whitney Adebayo slammed Mehdi

Mehdi appeared shocked by her comments

As Maya asked Mehdi how he felt towards runner-up Whitney and hew new romance with Lochan Nowacki, he insisted that everything was all good between them despite a romance brewing before he was dumped.

However, it appeared that there was no love lost from Whitney’s side as she hit back and insisted she didn’t care.

Mehdi said: “They look good together, it’s very good to see, I’m happy for them.”

He then added it was “all love” but Whitney failed to say the same as she looked on, lost for words.

The studio fell silent as Whitney tried to awkwardly move on from the topic as she dismissed their time in the villa and appeared to insinuate it was insignificant.

Staring at Maya, she brutally said: “I don’t care!”

She then added: “We had a great time together, but it wasn’t a relationship.”

Mehdi attempted to laugh her comments off as he looked on awkwardly following the strained exchange.

Commenting on the interaction, one fan wrote: “Whitney is servinggg shadeee she hates Mehdi’s guts and rightly so.”

Another added: “Lmaooo Whitney really has put Mehdi behind her, she don’t care.”

It became tense during the reunion show