Love Island’s Zara McDermott reveals she’s ‘hurt’ and ‘confused’ after trolls slam her for looking too skinny


LOVE Island’s Zara McDermott has revealed she’s ‘hurt’ and ‘confused’ after trolls slammed her for being too skinny after weight loss. 

The Love Island star, 23, clapped back with a statement on her Instagram fitness page – A Day With Zara – which she uses to share healthy eating recipes and exercises tips.

Zara posted this photo of herself and got loads of negative comments

Zara, who is currently on holiday with her boyfriend Made in Chelsea star Sam Thompson, shared a photo of her eating a big bowl of pasta and laughing. 

In the caption Zara explained she had been left feeling hurt by comments from trolls that she was looking too skinny. 

She wrote: “I never thought those kinds of comments could hurt me, but if I’m honest they hurt me more than the fat shaming comments. Why? Because I have worked so hard to get to where I am, I have spent so much time changing my lifestyle and focusing on being healthier. 

“I can now walk up a hill without feeling out of breath, I can run down the road and feel absolutely fine, my mental health has never been better.”

The reality star showed off her tan on Instagram

The 23-year-old has been working hard to improve her health and fitness

Zara explained that last year she had been told she was fat, which was a catalyst of why she decided to get healthier however now she’s trolled for being too thin. 

She went on: “So what do I do? In a society where bodies are plastered around every social media page, do I now have to hide mine? Even though I feel more confident than ever? 

“I’m feeling down, confused, sad and upset. I want to be able to show my body, my results, my hard work, just like most other people do online, and not feel panicked and insecure about what people will say. 

Boyfriend Sam Thompson shared his opinion on the trolls

Sam said he couldn’t be more proud of his gorgeous girlfriend

“Oddly, I feel like I was praised more online when I was bigger, however I was unhealthy then, so what is the right thing to do in this society we live in? I am HEALTHY, HAPPY, I am a healthy BMI (actually in the mid range for someone my age and height). I don’t want to hide away and start feeling unconfident again, but I also don’t ever want to upset anyone! Advice please ??

Zara’s boyfriend Sam leaped to her defence, posting a scathing message to the trolls on his own Instagram account: “Not many things ps me off but bringing someone down because they are happy with their fitness journey and natural weight loss fks with me…

“How can people see someone lose weight, whilst maintaining a healthy diet and all the while gaining strength (she’s deadlifting 50kg now) how can people see this as a problem?!…

 Zara used to drink two chocolate milkshakes a day

Zara says she used to drink two chocolate milkshakes a day
But cut all the junk food out and started eating lots of fruit and veg

“The fact that people can now be triggered by someone being happy and positive about their healthy natural fitness journey and see that as an attack on young women baffles me. I will never understand it…

“If promoting being fit and healthy in body and mind is now seen as harmful to young people then please stop the world… I want to get off. I for one couldn’t be more proud of you and how far you’ve come Zara. I love you”.

Zara’s followers also rushed to support her with one writing: “You look incredible. Literally my body inspiration. Delete and block every negative comment you see until you get rid of all the bad eggs.”

“Preach it x,” wrote another. 

 Zara shared some 'before' photographs to demonstrate the change in her figure

Zara has lost over two stone since last summer
Zara has been documenting her weight loss journey

And referencing the photo that had sparked the backlash, one fan penned: “Also it looks like you’ve deleted said abs pic! Put that sh*t back up babe! You have nothing to be ashamed of xx”

Zara, who appeared on Love Island in 2018, has been documenting her health and fitness journey over the last few months in minute detail. 

On Monday evening the reality star posted a photo of herself in black knickers and a black push up bra.