Maura Higgins calls Love Islands Callum an a** for saying he was too tired to talk to Shaughna after date with Eve


MAURA Higgins called Love Island’s Callum Jones an “ass” for saying he was “too tired” to talk to Shaughna after his date with Eve Gale.

The 23-year-old scaffolder had his head turned after just two days when stunning geography student Eve rocked up with her twin sister Jess.

Maura Higgins slammed Callum for how he treated Shaughna

He had been coupled up with Shaughna who – after just 48 hours – had caught feelings for the cheeky chappy.

She was left fuming when Eve picked Callum to couple up with and taken on a date just moments later.

Despite sharing a kiss before the recoupling, Callum appeared to ignore Shaughna before and after the double date.

Talking to the boys after getting back to the villa, Callum said:“I feel terrible. I hate playing two people at once.”

Callum had his head turned by Eve – and then blanked upset Shaughna

He added:“It’s too early to say who I prefer. I’ll talk to her tomorrow. I’m tired.”

Later in bed with with Eve, his new love interest said: “I think she’s p***ed off that you haven’t spoken to her today.”

Callum replied: “Oh just because I’m so tired. I’ll end up probably saying the wrong thing.”

His excuse made fans furious, including last year’s Love Island bombshell Maura Higgins.

She tweeted: “Callum your being an ass #LoveIsIand.”

While another viewer added: “I thought Callum was peng til I saw what an absolute disgrace he is, how was he too tired for a 5 min convo?????”

Eve recoupled with Callum

Another raged: “Callums not gonna speak to shaughna cos hes too tired & doesnt want to say the wrong thing? then tell her that instead of plain blanking her. f***in hell its so simple or am i just a psycho #loveisland.”

Someone else said: “Callum said he was too tired to talk to Shaughna about his date but wasnt tired when it came to talking to Eve #LoveIsland.”

A fan judged: “So Callum was so tired after that dead date that he couldnt speak to Shaughna but had enough energy to tell everyone else that he was too tired to speak. Good night sir #loveisland.”