Megan Barton Hanson reveals how she realised she was bisexual and relationship that confirmed it


MEGAN Barton Hanson has revealed how she realised she was bisexual after having a threesome with another couple.

The 26-year-old admitted she realised she fancied one of her friends when she was in her late teens, and was “weirdly jealous” of her boyfriend.

Megan said she discovered her sexuality when she was “in college”

Former Love Island contestant Megan detailed how she spent “all her time” with a friend who she soon developed a crush on.

Speaking to the Mail Online of how she discovered her sexuality, she said: “I realised at college. I had a friend who I would spend all my time with.

“When she had a boyfriend I would get weirdly jealous. Then there was a couple who I started seeing when I was about 20.”

The star detailed how she befriended a female photographer who invited her over for a photoshoot while her boyfriend was there.

The star had a “joint thing” with her photographer and her boyfriend

Megan had dated footballer Chelcee Grimes

“We had a ‘joint thing’ a few times, but I realised he was just ‘there’ and I was actually falling for her. They had an open relationship but I was starting to fall in love with her.”

Now proudly identifying as bisexual, the star has had a string of relationships with women including footballer Chelcee Grimes and Towie’s Demi Sims.

She and Demi met on the 2019 series of Celebs Go Dating, but Megan revealed that the emotional connection just wasn’t there.

Megan even felt that the 24-year-old reality star made her “question if she was even gay” due to their lack of chemistry.

Megan dated Towie star Demi Sims

“Demi is a stunning girl but I don’t think I fancied her in that way,” model Megan explained. “I appreciate that she’s beautiful but I think something was lacking and it was more of a friendly dynamic.”

Now, the stars are set to be re-united in a very “awkward” dinner on the upcoming series of Eating With My Ex.

Following the filming of the episode, the blonde bombshell admits she was “cowardly” in breaking up with Demi over text.

However, Megan said the unique show gave her a chance to confront Demi on how she “went to the press” and “sold a story” after their break-up, leaving her bitter.

The reality star coupled up with Wes Nelson in the Love Island villa

“She didn’t admit to it, she said she just answered questions at events from journalists,” the star said. “Now I get why she would answer them with a bit of sass and attitude, I probably would have too, we all know what I’m like!”

Megan praised her ex for being a “fun person” who is “hard to stay mad at”, and said she was “so happy” Demi is in a relationship with Too Hot To Handle’s Francesca Farago.

Before dating the Towie beauty, Megan split with fellow Love Island contestant Wes Nelson in 2019.

The couple, who met on the 2018 series of the ITV show, separated after she accused Wes, 22, of getting too close to his Dancing On Ice partner Vanessa Bauer.

She admitted she regretted how she handles the situation, having “overreacted” and struggled to control her anger.

Megan recently called on ITV to do a bisexual series of Love Island, saying that the show needs “more diversity”.

She told HOAR’s TV Mag: ” It’s quite a conservative show in the sense that it’s only set up for straight couples.

“I would love it if they did a gay season. That’s so complex with the re-coupling. It would be nice to see more diversity.”