Molly and Zachariah stun Love Island co-stars with multiple snogs as sparks fly – leaving Mitchel baffled


LOVE Island’s strongest couple are heading for a row when Molly snogs bombshell Zachariah multiple times – leaving Mitchel baffled.

They hit the rocks when social media star Molly is asked to kiss the boy she has the most “sexual tension” with outside of her couple.

Molly and Zach leave Love Islanders stunned when they snog multiple times

Molly admits the kisses ‘surprised’ her

Mitchel says ‘it’s all kicking off now’

In a preview for Thursday’s explosive episode the blonde beauty is seen making a beeline for South London lad Zach, and sparks begin to fly.

As the villa romances are tested Mitch is left for dust when the pair yet again lock lips in the racy game.

Zach is asked: “Snog the Islander you would most like to have a sneaky link with” before he tells Mitchel, “sorry bro” and makes his way back over to Molly.

Mitchel isn’t in the best of moods later when he reflects on the night.

He says: “It’s all kicking off here.”

It comes after Molly, 21, and Mitchel, 26, were caught on camera having a snog in bed and fans reckon they will soon get frisky between the sheets.

Love Island is famed for its steamy romps – and they think this season will be no different.

One fan took to Twitter to point out a clue as they wrote: “Mitch and Molly are actually pure chemistry it’s well funny.”

Another posted: “Mitch staring over at Molly,” as a third commented: “Mitch and Molly first kiss wow what a nice kiss.”

Others speculated that they will be the first to enjoy some Hideaway action, with one branding them the “textbook Love Island couple.”

Another speculated: “Molly is in love.”

Speaking about going on the show, she previously told ITV: “With my job being in social media, I’ve had some amazing opportunities to go on press trips and I’ve actually been out to the Love Island villas in Mallorca and South Africa.

“Having the experience to walk around both was amazing but to now actually live in the Villa is going to be incredible.”

Meanwhile gas engineer Mitchel said: “I thrive on being a gentleman. I’ll shower you with flowers, I’ll take you on dates, I’ll fill your bedside drawer with your favourite sweets and chocolate.

“I’ve been single, I’ve had my fun and now I want to settle down.

“I’m just really picky. I’ve got to find the girl that I want to marry and have kids with.”