Molly-Mae Hague begs fans not to ‘make the same mistakes’ as her after dissolving fillers and showing off natural teeth


LOVE Island star Molly-Mae Hague has begged her fans not to “make the same mistakes” as her after having her lip filler dissolved.

Showing off her natural smile after removing her composite bonds this week, the 21-year-old told young gils to “just wait” until they have matured before rushing into cosmetic work.

Molly-Mae took to Instagram to tell girls to “wait” before getting enhancements

Taking to her Instagram story, Molly-Mae explained she was “so glad” to be back to her more natural look after having her teeth returned to their original state.

“I haven’t spoken to you guys on Instagram about my teeth,” she began. “I had my composite bonds removed recently after two years of having my natural teeth covered.”

The reality star joked she was glad she didn’t look like the “Wicked Witch of the East” as her natural teeth were untouched beneath the bonds.

“I now have my natural teeth back,” she continued. “I’m just happy I don’t have teeth like the Wicked Witch of the East.

Molly-Mae had the composite bonds on her pearly whites removed recently

The star, who dissolved her lip fillers, urged girls not to “make the same mistakes”

“I genuinely thought that when the composite bonds were taken off I would have like orange, decayed teeth because they hadn’t been touched for two years.”

Before signing off, the star took the opportunity to warn her younger followers not to get cosmetic work after taking steps to “reverse all her mistakes”.

“I’ve taken all the steps that I want to take now to sort of reversing all the mistakes I made with fillers and getting things done I didn’t need to get done and didn’t really think through at the time,” Molly-Mae explained.

“I don’t regret it but it’s just it wasn’t really a necessary thing to do and I was just young. When you get older, you want to look younger and when you’re younger, you want to look older.

Molly-Mae has been chasing a more natural look recently

“So, if you are a slightly younger follower of mine, just take my advice and wait.

“Wait a good few years until your face has matured and you get a little bit older, and then make decisions about cosmetic work.”

Driving home her point, she wrote a caption on the videos: “Please don’t make the same mistakes I did.”

Molly-Mae has spent a lot of time over the last year getting many of her cosmetic procedures reversed in hopes of achieving a more ‘natural’ look. 

She told her younger followers to “just wait” before having work done

Molly-Mae had a handful of cosmetic procedures before Love Island

Experts estimated that the social media influencer spent over £8,000 on regular procedures and is now paying thousands to have them reversed.

Molly-Mae revealed that she had her lip and jaw filler reversed as well as having the composite bonded pearly whites removed.

The Love Island star revealed she had her first lip procedure at 17, but it quickly became one of her “biggest regrets”.

She started getting her fillers dissolved last February after revealing she felt she took it “too far” and “felt sick” looking at her pumped-up lips.

Molly-Mae dissolved her fillers that she got when she was just 17

At the time, the reality star shared a photo of her natural lips and explained: “I really hope some of you guys learn from the mistakes I’ve made with fillers, especially my younger followers.

“I started getting filler so young and it has been one of my biggest regrets. I used to be so insecure about my slightly thinner lips, but now I’m older I’ve realised that embracing what you have naturally is so much better!

“Reversing all my mistakes now and feeling so much better for it.”

In a video posted to her YouTube channel in February, Molly-Mae discussed going “too far” with cosmetic enhancements after her appearance on Love Island.

She explained: “I have got most of my filler dissolved, obviously I used to get filler and when I came out of Love Island I got a bit more.

“For me, that was the worst time coming out of the villa – the trolling I got for that was really intense.

“It was really horrible but I can understand why it happened because I went overboard with it and I didn’t realise what I was doing. I just went too far.”