Molly Marsh reveals Love Island bedroom secret that means islanders can’t keep anything from bosses

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MOLLY Marsh has revealed a Love Island bedroom secret that means Islanders can’t keep anything from bosses.

The 21-year-old blonde beauty visited the Love Island villas before going on the hit show, including the one in South Africa and Mallorca.

Molly Marsh has revealed a Love Island bedroom secret

The bedroom addition means nothing can be kept a secret from Love Island bosses

And while filming content for her very popular TikTok channel, the stunning star made a shock discovery.

During a podcast chat with Digital Voices for their Creator: Behind the Influence podcast, Molly revealed she wasn’t allowed to sit on the beds during the visit.

When asked why, the reality star explained: “I did see the secret mics in the beds – that was, like, my little secret. They were just poking through like that.”

The podcast host playfully replied: “I don’t know if that would make me feel happy going to sleep or really stressed.”

Having visited the Love Island villas before, some viewers of the show have called Molly out for being a ‘plant.’

Several shared pictures of her on two previous trips to the show’s villas – one in Majorca, the other in South Africa – and they have raised a few eyebrows.

One fan shared a snap of Molly standing outside the iconic villa on Reddit with the caption: “Apparently, Molly worked behind the scenes on Love Island.“

Some have shared their thoughts on her already being in the villa.

Another replied in the thread: “I have to say it she does feel a bit like an ITV production plant and tbh it’s kind of off putting.”

“They’re all production plants though. Quite literally,” a second chimed in.

However one pointed out: “Technically she’s an influencer who was invited to the villa to do a bts video to promote the previous season.”

Back in May HOAR revealed that Molly was in the official line-up after she hit it off with the bosses when she was invited out to tour the winter Love Island villa.

A source revealed: “Molly was scouted after visiting the villa in South Africa earlier this year.

“She was on the tour as an invited guest when she caught the eyes of producers.”

Molly had already visited the Love Island villas before going on the show

Molly has been called a ‘producer plant’ by some viewers