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New bullying row as Love Island girls ‘attack’ Molly after getting hundred of Ofcom complaints

New bullying row as Love Island girls ‘attack’ Molly after getting hundred of Ofcom complaints, ITV

LOVE Island fans’ accusations of bullying in the villa continue to rumble on after Ofcom was inundated with complaints.

Viewers think the Islanders are ganging up against Molly’s man Zachariah to get at her in a first look at tonight’s episode, as he admits to cheating during a game of never have I ever.

Zachariah is quizzed about his cheating past while sitting with Molly

Love Island fans complained to Ofcom last week after claiming Molly was being bullied by the girls

Ella and Jess think Zachariah will cheat again

Zachariah insists he has no regrets about his past behaviour and instead acknowledges the growth he’s made since then.

Molly’s ex Mitchell lets out an exaggerated gasp after Zachariah’s revelation, while Ella and Jess say: “Once a cheat, always a cheat”.

Viewers aren’t happy about their comment.

One wrote: “Lmaooo attacking your ‘friends’ man like that in PUBLIC. This bullying is RIDICULOUS.”

Another said: “The girls are so jealous of Molly on @LoveIsland …. It’s unreal the bullying that is going on.”

A third wrote: “I actually think they piped up to make Molly feel insecure, they don’t like her.”

Last week 155 viewers contacted the broadcasting regulator after finding scenes last week involving Jess and Molly difficult to watch.

There were calls for ITV bosses to intervene after the girls ganged up on Molly, who had three boys interested in her at the time: Mitchel, Zachariah and Sammy Root.

Jess and Ella didn’t take kindly to Molly reacting angrily when new girl Charlotte coupled up with Zachariah.

In a bid to make things as awkward as possible, Molly interrupted Zach and Charlotte’s one-on-one gym session in order to keep her eyes firmly on ‘her prize’.

It irked some of the Islanders who passed judgement on Molly’s actions, which viewers deemed to be bullying.

Jess, 22, pointed out Molly’s brazen behaviour, saying: “Look, look, look!

“Molly is doing the most.”

Ella replied: “She’s not leaving Zach’s side today. She is obviously pretending that she just wanted to work out.”

Jess then added: “She knows we’re talking about her. I don’t give a f***. Give a f***.”

She has also branded the influencer a “f***ing theatre actress”.

Molly retorted by telling Jess to “just shut up.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.