New Love Island Feud Revealed: Former Best Friends Fall Out and No Longer Speak


The Friendship That Fizzled

A new feud has emerged from the Love Island villa, as former best friends Ella Thomas, 23, and Whitney Adebayo, 25, have reportedly fallen out and no longer speak to each other. The pair, who were inseparable during their time on the hit reality show, have seen their once-strong bond fade away since leaving the villa.

A Shift in Dynamics

When asked about the current state of their friendship, Ella expressed that she has been extremely busy since leaving the villa, causing a strain on their relationship. She mentioned that while they may not be as close as they used to be, she still makes an effort to catch up with any of the other Love Island girls she runs into.

Clashing Heads in the Villa

Ella and Whitney did have a heated altercation during their time on Love Island. The disagreement arose when Whitney accused Ella of being selfish after she used the shower despite knowing that Whitney was waiting. However, they were able to put their differences aside and even reunited for a night out in London after the show wrapped up.

Moving On

Since then, both Ella and Whitney have been focused on their own endeavors. Ella has landed a lucrative six-figure deal with fashion brand PrettyLittleThing, while Whitney is happily in a relationship with her partner Lochan Nowacki. Although there were plans for a single featuring Ella's man Tyrique Hyde and Whitney, those plans have now been scrapped.

Despite the fallout, Love Island fans will surely be keeping an eye on Ella and Whitney's individual journeys outside of the villa.