Olivia Bowen shows off perfect new teeth after straightening them with home aligner kit in lockdown


LOVE Island’s Olivia Bowen has showed off her straight new teeth after using a home kit to align them during lockdown.

The 27-year-old reality star did the Diamond Whites course for 14 weeks, unveiling the results on Instagram.

Olivia Bowen showed fans what her bottom teeth looked like before
The delighted star then showed Instagram fans what they look like now

The reality star signed up to the plan to correct the positioning of her bottom teeth – which she has been trolled over in the past.

She explained cruel viewers have targeted her “crooked” gnashers ever since her appearance on Love Island in 2016.

Olivia told the Star: “I remember when I first came out of Love Island, and someone said something about my crooked bottom teeth.

“It really got to me because it was something I didn’t like about myself. When they find something and pinpoint it, it does affect you.”

The star, seen here with husband Alex, said she’s been trolled over her teeth

She said people remarking on her appearance had affected her over the years

She used a home kit from the dentist who helped fellow reality stars Amy Hart and Joey Essex with their smiles, Dr Richard Marques.

She got a home impressions kit, a teeth-whitening set and a 3D before-and-after visual scan, which costs just shy of £100.

Users then pay a further £1,300 and get sent a set of tailor-made aligners in the post.

Olivia and husband Alex are among the show’s most famous – and richest stars – with an estimated fortune of £4.3million.

They share a luxurious, sprawling home which they have been giving an enormous makeover in recent months.

They are a rare thing for Love Island: a longstanding couple – with the pair getting married in 2018.