Emmerdale spoilers: Jamie Tate humiliated as Mackenzie Boyd beats him at his own game


JAMIE TATE is humiliated as he falls for Mackenzie Boyd’s scam next week in Emmerdale. 

Mackenzie and Moira will team up to bring down Kim Tate after she declared war on Mack for pulling out of their revenge scheme against Cain Dingle.

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Mackenzie tricks Jamie into handing bank details over to an imposter client

Viewers will see Mack and Moira hatch a plan when he overhears Kim and Jamie discussing a potential client.

It’s not long before Jamie falls into Mack’s trap when he meets an imposter client rather than the real one.

Mack watches their meeting from across the restaurant and is thrilled when Jamie offers to show the fake client the accounts. 

Jamie sets fire to the barn at Butlers as revenge

Later, Jamie and Kim are horrified to realise they’ve been tricked and Jamie heads out for revenge.

While Mack and Moira celebrate victory, Jamie sloshes what he thinks is petrol around the farm but Mack is quick to point out it’s water and humiliate Jamie further.

However, an angry Jamie then finds a real petrol canister and sets off to Butlers on foot with it.

Kim and Mack declared war on each other after he pulled out of their scheme to destroy Cain

But as Jamie starts covering the barn in petrol, he’s unaware that young Kyle is playing hide and seek there. 

Will Mack realise before it’s too late?

Either way, viewers will see Moira enter Home Farm with a gun, before turning and pulling the trigger. 

Who has she fired at?