Wes Nelson shows off incredible walk-in wardrobe crammed with designer gear after revealing he never has to work again


WES Nelson gave fans a glimpse inside his incredible walk-in wardrobe yesterday which is filled with designer clothes.

The Love Island star-turned-musician’s dressing room resembled a high street shop, with outfits for every occasion.

Wes Nelson gave fans a glimpse inside his huge dressing room

Louis Vuitton boxes and bags from high-end London department store Selfridges were placed on top of his clothing rails.

Nike high-tops were arranged expertly too, giving a showroom feel.

The 22-year-old former nuclear systems design engineer told HOAR last year that he’s not only secured his own financial future but those of any children he has too.

He said: “I was a millionaire by the age of 21. And that’s not being a show off or anything, but it’s wise investments and understanding this life doesn’t last forever.

There was something for every occasion
The walk-in wardrobe resembled a stylish shop

“I’ve been lucky to have so many shows under my belt, and I’m super grateful for that.

“I have a passive income and generational wealth, so my children, whenever they come about, they’re not going to have to work again. I don’t have to work again.”

Avoiding the pitfalls of boozy after-parties and newfound fame, Wes spent his paid night club appearances listening to investment podcasts to help build his bank balance.

Wes neatly arranged his Air Jordan’s
Reality TV has transformed Wes’s life

He is now a successful music star

“Every time I went to a PA, instead of listening to music, I’d be listening to podcasts on property,” he said.

While reluctant to reveal just how many houses he owns, Wes says he has “a lot” of properties, all of which are mortgage free.

And never one to lack ambition, he is now putting his heart and soul into a music career.

He recently signed a record deal with music industry juggernauts EMI Records, calling it a “pinch myself moment”.

He impressed on X Factor: Celebrity

“It’s something I’ve wanted to do my entire life,’ he said excitedly. “I think it’s that stamp of approval to say ‘yep, you’re a professional singer now’. For me, it’s most definitely my biggest achievement in my entire life.”

And it’s been a bright start to thew next chapter with his debut track See Nobody peaking at number three in the chart.