Who did Zara McDermott cheat on Sam Thompson with?


ZARA McDermott and Sam Thompson seemed like a match made in reality TV heaven.

That was until the former Love Island babe cheated on her Made In Chelsea hunk.

Sam Thompson split with Zara McDermott after she cheated on him

Who did Zara McDermott cheat on Sam Thompson with?

Furious Sam dumped Zara after finding out she’d cheated with music boss Brahim Fouradi.

HOAR exclusively revealed in September 2020 how he ended their 16-month relationship after getting wind of what happened during her time on X Factor: Celebrity.

A source close to Zara explained: “Sam suspected quite early on that something was going on between Zara and Brahim, and there was a big confrontation.

“She was spending increasing amounts of time with him backstage, and hanging around after hours. Sam found out and kicked off. He’s devastated about how things have turned out.”

Zara cheated on Sam with music boss Brahim Fouradi

Who is Brian Fouradi?

Brian is a music boss who works closely with talent shows like X Factor.

The pair met thanks to his job working on X Factor: Celebrity in 2019. as an A&R director for Syco.

He has since left the company and is now understood to be living in Holland.


Sam was left devastated by Zara’s betrayal

Are Zara and Sam still together?

The pair have split up, following Zara’s infidelity.

However, she is doing all she can to win him back.

On October 12, 2020 she shared a video montage of their memories together, starting with the message: “To the love of my life, I want you to know how much I adore you. This video will show you why.”

With Nathan Sykes’ Over & Over Again playing in the background, a series of intimate clips of Sam and Zara’s 16-month relationship replay.

She wrote next to the video: “Remember… you are everything. You are my moon and all my stars and everything in between. ❤ I miss you. I love you more and more every day.”

Sam has not publicly responded to the post.

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