Who is Dougie James and why did he disappear out of Ryan, Adam and Scott Thomas’ lives?


THE Thomas brothers, most recognised from Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Love Island, are back on our screens.

ITV’s new six-part series Absolutely India: Mancs in Mumbai sees the Thomas family explore their Indian roots.

Adam, Scott, Ryan and Dougie in Absolutely India: Mancs in Mumbai

Who is Dougie James?

Dougie James is the father to Adam, Scott and Ryan Thomas who have appeared in soaps and reality shows.

Dougie’s own background is in music, and in Manchester he’s well known for being a promoter.

Back in his heyday he was a musician in his own right and his band was called Dougie James and the Soul Train.

They toured in the 60s and 70s, once even supporting The Jackson Five.

How old is Dougie James?

Dougie is 72 years old.

He’s had a distanced relationship with his sons for most of their lives, until recently.

Absolutely India: Mancs in Mumbai was filmed over a month, allowing the family to have lots of time together.

Why did he disappear out of Adam, Scott and Ryan Thomas’ lives?

The Thomas brothers have said their relationship with Dougie was very minimal after their parents split when twins Scott and Adam were born.

It was a bad split and the parents weren’t in the same room again together until Ryan’s 21st birthday – even then they didn’t speak.

Filming the show all together was the most time the boys had spent with their dad.

Once he disappeared for 6 whole years.

Adam said during the making of the show it was the first time he and his brothers were directly asked how they felt about their dad being absent.

Adam said: “My dad left us for years when we were younger and then he came back into our lives and we never really talked about it.

“There were a lot of unanswered questions, which we touched on and I think we needed to. It got quite emotional.”

In an emotional part of the series, Adam revealed he overhead his dad say: “My dad’s my hero, but I’m not sure I’m my sons’ hero”.

On This Morning Adam spoke about how important the journey was to get closer to Dougie.

He said: “Getting to take him along on this journey with us was very special. It’s pretty much his show, he steals this show from start to finish. So he was finding out about his dad, but we were also finding out about our dad also.”

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