Who is Maura Higgins dating?


MAURA Higgins’ lovelife has dominated the headlines since her launch to fame on Love Island in 2019.

The Irish beauty could have her pick of any men – but who is she dating right now?

Maura Higgins’ lovelife is a topical issue

Who is Maura Higgins dating?

At the moment (June 2020) it is believed Maura is single.

In April 2020 she poked fun at her single-status when speaking about a raunchy outfit she was wearing, saying: “I’m gonna keep mine on until the bf comes home… oh wait, I forgot I don’t have one anymore.”

There were claims that she was dating her Dancing On Ice partner Alex Demetriou, who has now broken up with his wife.

However, both parties have denied there is any romance between them.

Maura famously dated Curtis Pritchard after meeting on Love Island 2019

Who has Maura Higgins dated since appearing on Love Island?

Curtis Pritchard

Maura became a household name when she appeared on Love Island.

She famously coupled up with Curtis Pritchard.

The couple continued their romance once the show was over in July 2019.

However it was revealed that they had split but split in March 2020 after a series of blazing rows and public ­bust-ups.

There were also accusations of cheating.

What has Maura Higgins said about dating?

Maura told HOAR that she “falls in love easily”.

However she did reveal the secret to her success: “I’ve always been very, very confident.

“Every boy that I wanted at school, I got. I’ve never struggled with boys.”