Zara McDermott sent a naked selfie before she’d even kissed a boy after being pressured into it aged 14


ZARA McDermott sent her first nude selfie aged 14 – before she’d even kissed a boy, she has revealed.

The 21-year-old Love Island and Instagram star is now one of Britain’s highest-profile campaigners against revenge porn.

Zara McDermott has opened up about her school revenge porn hell

In a new BBC documentary on the subject, she explains being left contemplating suicide after a horrific incident at school in Essex.

Aged 14 and after having been badly bullied, Zara was pressured by a boy into sending him a nude photograph.

She says he told her: “It will make me like you more.”

Having not even kissed anyone yet and keen to fit in, she took a snap in the bath and sent it to him – with disastrous consequences.

The reality star is now a prominent campaigner against the cruel crime

Her documentary Zara McDermott: Revenge Porn, airs later this month
She shot to fame thanks to TV’s Love Island and huge following on Instagram

By lunchtime the following day, the picture had “gone viral” and even spread to other schools.

Speaking to HOAR she explained: “My drama teacher saw it and said, ‘I didn’t think she was that kind of girl’. That still hurts. I could barely look her in the eye for the following four years.

“You want people who are older and more experienced, like teachers, to be compassionate. There was no compassion for me.

“They were so embarrassed by my behaviour that they didn’t want me in school. Do you know what that does to a young girl?”

Zara shot to fame on 2018’s Love Island – but more trouble was to come

The star is now in a relationship with Made In Chelsea’s Sam Thompson

While Zara was shunned at school, in the street strangers hurled abuse at her, calling her a “slag” and “disgusting”.

A similar thing happened to Zara again in 2018 when she appeared in Love Island.

Naked snaps she had sent to an ex had been leaked online and viewed by millions.

She explained: ““I thought he was the one but then he dumped me and turned quite nasty.

Zara’s documentary appears on iPlayer and BBC Three on Tuesday

“Reading between the lines, he sent these pictures to his friends before I went on Love Island, so when I went on the show, they began circulating them.”

Revenge Porn – where intimate photos are leaked – has been illegal since 2015 but the problem is thought to have grown worse during lockdown.

Zara McDermott: Revenge Porn is available on BBC Three and on iPlayer from Tuesday, February 23.