All London bus stops will have CCTV & every street will be brightly lit under aspiring Tory mayor’s plans

Copyright Peter Jordan Commissioned by The Sun. Story by Natasha Clark London mayoral candidate Mozammel Hossain kc talks to the Sun’s Parliamentary reporter Natasha Clark in Victoria , Gardens, Westminster in London. Picture shows Mozammel Hossain kc in front of Parliament. Date: Today Tuesday 13th June 2023

ALL London bus stops would be fitted with CCTV cameras under an aspiring Tory mayor’s plans to tackle violence against women and girls.

Moz Hossain today vowed to make ending sexist violence a mayoral priority if he wins City Hall.

Moz Hossain has vowed to make tackling violence against women and girls a priority if he defeats Sadiq Khan to become London Mayor

Under a three point-plan, the criminal barrister pledged to install CCTV cameras at all London bus stops.

He also promised to fit every street with bright lamps and expand the number of bobbies on the bear.

Resources would be allocated so both women and perpetrators could see officers patrolling violence hotspots across London.

And Mr Hossain would receive daily updates on what cops are doing to combat offences towards women.

Mr Hossain also pledged to permanently extend the Rail to Refuge Scheme, where train operators cover the cost of tickets for women, men and children escaping domestic abuse.

The mayoral hopeful said: “I’ve heard time and time again from women that they do not feel safe walking the streets at night.

“This is disgraceful and is a moral failure. The safety and well-being of every woman and girl in our city is non-negotiable.”

But to implement his plan, Mr Hossain will first have to see off rival Tory candidates Dan Korski and Susan Hall.

Following a series of hustings, Conservative members will vote on July 19 for their pick to take on Sadiq Khan.

Mr Hossain was born in a Bangladeshi mud hut with a tin roof as the youngest of eight siblings.

The criminal barrister – dubbed Mysterious Moz thanks to his outsider status – didn’t own a pair of shoes until the age of 16.

His inspirational rags to riches tale began when he came to the UK aged just 21 to study law in Liverpool, before setting up a life as a successful criminal barrister in the capital.

The mayoral hopeful said: “My plan is to create a city where everyone feels safe while on the streets and using public transport in London.

“We need to strengthen our policing systems to deter those who would consider gender-based crimes, and ensure justice is served.”

He added: “Every square inch of our city must be a safe haven for women and girls.

“On day one I will instruct the Met to provide me daily updates on what officers are doing to combat violent offences towards women.

“There will be no place for violence against females in London.”

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