Annual Migration Cap Being Considered as Part of ‘Serious Package’ to Curb Arrivals, Minister Says


The UK government is considering implementing an annual cap on migrants as part of a comprehensive plan to reduce the numbers, according to the immigration minister. Robert Jenrick stated that there are strong arguments for a hard ceiling on arrivals, which are putting significant pressure on the country.

Time for Tougher Measures

Jenrick emphasized that "the time for tinkering is over" and that a suite of tougher measures would have been implemented last Christmas if it were up to him. The government is currently working on urgent reforms, including cracking down on dependents and increasing the salary threshold for visas.

Pressure Mounts on the Prime Minister

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, has faced mounting pressure to take action since it was revealed that net migration reached a record high of 745,000 last year. Tory MP Sir Edward Leigh stated that Jenrick needs to persuade the Prime Minister to support these measures.

Strong Arguments for Caps

Conservative deputy chairman Lee Anderson called for a cap on migration in the House of Commons, stating that it is time to create a clear divide between the UK and other countries. In response, Jenrick acknowledged that there are strong arguments for using caps, but these discussions need to be concluded within the government. However, it is believed that implementing a cap may not be included in the final plan due to its potential impact on the economy.

Push for Harsher Measures

Jenrick has been privately advocating for stricter measures proposed by former Home Secretary Suella Braverman. He expressed that the public is tired of empty promises and that his plan would have been presented to the House last Christmas if possible.

Downing Street stated that they are not aware of the specific plan that Jenrick was referencing. Additionally, reports suggesting that European Human Rights law would be disapplied to the Rwanda plan were downplayed, with the government stating that all options are still on the table and that Sunak hopes to resume flights by spring.