Biden’s Iran Policy a ‘Complete Failure’ – Expert Warns


Expert Warns of Escalation

An expert on Iran's Revolutionary Guards has criticized President Biden's policy towards Iran, stating that it has allowed the regime to believe it can 'get away with murder' without consequences. The expert warned that Iran may push Biden to the brink on Israel.

Iran's Escalating Threats

The expert highlighted that Iran has vowed to strike Israel with a weapon 'never used before' and is closely monitoring the US response to the recent missile and drone attack. If Iran perceives weakness in US support for Israel, it may escalate tensions on all fronts.

Israel's Response and Growing Rift

As tensions rise, Israel's response to Iran's threats is being closely watched. A widening rift between the US and Israel has emerged, with Biden's support appearing to wane. Israel is considering a strategic attack on Iranian soil as the region teeters on the brink of war.

Possible Iranian Actions

An analyst suggested that a desperate Iran might turn to its proxy army Hamas to use Israeli hostages in Gaza as bargaining chips. With both Iran and Israel gearing up for potential retaliation, the situation in the Middle East remains tense.

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