Big Brother-style operation underway to stop eco-warriors disrupting the coronation

Alamy Live News. 2PYM065 London, UK 3 May 2023. Just Stop Oil protesters slow march in Westminster in central London as the Public Order Bill comes into force. Protesters are demanding that the government stops new oil and gas projects. The Public Order Act 2023 give police greater powers to crack down on protesters. Credit: Dinendra Haria/Alamy Live News This is an Alamy Live News image and may not be part of your current Alamy deal . If you are unsure, please contact our sales team to check.

A BIG Brother-style operation is underway as cops monitor CCTV cameras round-the-clock to help prevent eco-warriors causing a major disruption at the coronation.

Officers are working 14-hour shifts to protect the public and dignitaries including royals and politicians flying in to London for the royal event.

A Big Brother-style operation is underway as cops monitor CCTV cameras round-the-clock to help prevent eco-warriors causing disruption at the coronation

Eleven thousand officers will be deployed over the weekend

HOAR visited the Gold Command HQ in central London with Met Commissioner Mark Rowley and London Mayor Sadiq Khan 24 hours ahead of the ceremony.

Eleven thousand officers will be deployed over the weekend from the Metropolitan Police and around the country.

Met Commissioner Mark Rowley said: “Security is about layers and so what the public will see will be that visible front layer of officers stood in a dignified, ceremonial way.

“But behind that there are layers of officers working covertly, observing from different places, there’s been an intelligence effort to look for people who want to spoil the event.

He added: “It starts well before the event with intelligence. So using our own intelligence sources to understand who might want to compromise this event, who might want to cause mischief and spoil enjoyment for others and exploit for their own end.”

“Sadly there are some individuals who see events like this as an opportunity to have their moment when it should be about the coronation.

“That’s why most of the 11,500 officers the public won’t see but they are all behind the scenes doing their damnedest to make sure this is a safe and enjoyable event.”

Cops have been given new powers to stop disruption and deal with protests amid concerns Just Stop Oil will target the coronation.

Officers can stop and search for devices such as padlocks, superglue and bike locks if they are intending to cause disruption.

Measures also include snipers on rooftops and air cover which forms part of Operation Golden Orb.

Mr Khan said: “They are looking at the cameras every second of today, watching potential dangers, sending people to check them out.

“I see their professionalism and their conscientiousness and their meticulous planning and their attention to detail.

“I have never been more proud to be the Mayor when I meet men and women who are working incredibly hard.

“Most of us will be enjoying the coronation. These people won’t, they will be making sure it goes without a hitch.”

The London Mayor, who was a human rights lawyer, also pushed back at criticism of the use of the latest facial to spot potential trouble-makers in the crowds lining the route.

The tech can be used to scan faces and match them against those wanted for alleged crimes and identify terrorists mingling in the crowds.

He said: “Facial recognition is a tool that the police will use in a proportionate manner and it’s only being used against those people who the police are concerned may commit a criminal offence.

“Bad people are innovating to find new ways to cause us harm. Our police have to use the best technology and innovate and find the best ways to keep us safe.

“Facial recognition will not be used against you in any way pernicious.”

London will take a major hit to its reputation if protestors from groups such as Just Stop Oil or Extinction Rebellion leave a lasting image of the coronation.

Restaurant and hotel bookings are up along as Brits and tourists flock to the city this weekend to mark the occasion.

But he added: “This coronation is good for London. We reckon we as a city will benefit to the tune of more than half a billion pounds.

“The world will see on their TV screens our city this weekend. I want them to see our city on screens and come later on this month, come later on this year.

“My nervousness of people who don’t understand the importance of the coronation is instead of aiding our recovery they may hinder it.

“I understand some things are really important to you. i’m someone who is passionate about many of these issues.

“The question is, is this the best way for you to pursue your objective and to push your agenda.”

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