Boris Johnson has stunned the Brexit-denying Remoaners by getting the UK close to a deal


BORIS Johnson has stunned the Brexit-denying Remoaners just by getting the UK this close to a deal.

After a week of high-stakes political poker, he could be within touching distance of achieving what doomsayers preached was impossible.

The PM could be within touching distance of achieving what doomsayers preached was impossible

But even if BoJo can keep the Irish and the EU on board and get through Thursdays crucial Brussels summit a very tall order he will still need to overcome the Brexit-blockers back home.

Despite promises to honour the 2016 referendum, these deluded souls will fight to the end to prevent the UK leaving the EU, all with the connivance of rogue Speaker John Bercow.

If the final deal works for all sides it would be an outrage if MPs tried to scupper it again on Saturday, Brexits D-Day in the House.

It would be even more unforgivable if turncoat Tory rebels who have already colluded with Remoaners to stop No Deal sided with this anarchic rabble once again.

Britain has endured three long years of dither and doubt, and such an outcome would sentence this country to yet more disastrous delay and division. We need to get Brexit done, then hold a general election to throw out this rotten Parliament.

That is the only way to end the deadlock and move forward to a better future.

Boot out rotten MPs

IF anyone doubts the need for a general election, the Queens Speech should convince them.

The Government will set out a bold agenda for domestic reform, with a long overdue law and order crackdown.

But unless Boris Johnson can command a majority in Parliament, these vital policies have little chance of becoming law.

Tougher sentences for thugs who assault police officers cant come soon enough. Improvements to the NHS, better-funded schools, faster wi-fi and new infrastructure will turbo-charge the economy.

But before these plans can be kick-started we need a new Parliament. There are too many self-serving MPs desperately hanging on to their salaries.

The public must be given the chance to tell them where to go.

Sailing close to the wind

SIR Rod Stewarts been forced to stop singing some of his greatest hits because the lyrics might offend the #MeToo movement.

At least the old rocker has the perfect excuse if he upsets anyone.

I was only joking, my dear.