Boris Johnson Plans to Knock Down Servants’ Quarters at £4m Mansion


Former PM Boris Johnson seeks to modernize his country pad

Boris Johnson, the former Tory Prime Minister, has submitted plans to demolish the servants' quarters at his £4 million mansion. Johnson aims to update his home for the "democratic age where families no longer rely on live-in staff."

Green light for swimming pool despite ecologist's concerns

Earlier this year, Johnson was granted permission to build a swimming pool on the property, despite objections from ecologist Edward Church who claimed it would threaten a newt colony.

Reconfiguration needed for the southern ground floor

The new application states that the southern ground floor of the mansion needs to be reconfigured due to multiple alterations over time. Johnson, along with his wife Carrie and their three children, recently settled into the nine-bedroomed Brightwell Manor in South Oxon.

Demolition and reconstruction for an enlarged boot room and extended patio

The plans involve demolishing and reconstructing a single-storey extension that was originally built for servants. The purpose is to create an enlarged boot room and extended patio. The Johnsons also seek to enhance security at the property with a gated entrance.

Improved security and family-friendly access

The proposed changes include an electrically operated gate with a video call entry system. This is to address concerns that the current entrance may be mistaken for a public access road. The Johnsons emphasize the need for better security and family-friendly access to accommodate their young children.

Additional features in the extension

The extension plans also include a new scullery, laundry, larder, breakfast room, and a "plant room." These additions aim to enhance the functionality of the property.

Local feedback yet to be received

As of now, there have been no comments from locals regarding the proposed plans for Brightwell Manor.

The Johnsons purchased the 400-year-old Grade II-listed Brightwell Manor in February.

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