Boris Johnson warns voting for Brexit Party could help Corbyn reach Number 10 by stopping Tories winning key seats


BORIS Johnson has warned that every vote for the Brexit Party increases the chances of handing power to Jeremy Corbyn.

The Prime Minister called the prospect of handing the keys to Number 10 to the leftie Labour leader a terrifying prospect.

Boris Johnson has warned voters in marginal seats that siding with Nigel Farage could hand power to Jeremy Corbyn

YouGov data shows that Farage’s Brexit Party could cost the Tories 16 seats in marginal Leave constituencies

This comes as new YouGov data has revealed that Nigel Farages Brexit Party could stop the Tories from taking 16 marginal Leave constituencies.

And Mr Johnson who needs 320 seats for a majority in Parliament also appealed against voting for the Lib Dems ahead of the Thursdays snap election.

He told The Times: Every single vote for the Brexit Party or the Liberal Democrats means the terrifying prospect of Jeremy Corbyn moving into Downing Street becomes more likely condemning the country to more gridlock, more division, more uncertainty and our economy taken back to square one.

Mr Farage, who launched the Brexit Party in January, has repeatedly insisted that his candidates will take votes away from Labour in Leave voting seats.

However, YouGovs analysis which correctly predicted the 2017 election – does not back this up.


The analytics firm says that the Tories would win NINE Labour marginal seats if the Brexit Party were not contesting them.

Mr Johnsons party would also be bolstered in seven other marginals which they are forecast to win narrowly if Farages candidates were not running.

However, the polling data does suggest Mr Johnson is heading for the majority he needs to get Brexit done but also shows the vote is tightening and that a hung parliament is a possibility.

There are also concerns that poor mid-winter weather could result in a low turnout especially among older voters.

According to YouGovs analysis, which covered more than 105,000 voters over the past seven days, Dominic Raab is at risk of losing his seat to tactical voting Remain backers.

The foreign secretary is only two points away from losing his largely pro-EU constituency of Esher & Walton to the Lib Dems.

Associate director of YouGov Adam McDonnell said: The Brexit Party could be hurting the Conservatives more than Labour in some neck-and-neck marginals.

In such seats, if the Brexit Party didnt stand, and all of these voters returned to the party they backed in 2017, this could boost the Conservatives more than Labour.

The influence of the Brexit Party is not large enough, however, to make a difference in any seats where the lead is two points or more.

A projected outcome based on polling data gives the Tories a 28 seat majority in Parliament
Boris Johnson calls handing power over to Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn a ‘terrifying prospect’