Boris Johnson’s comments about burkas ‘gave impression Tories were insensitive to Muslims’, racism report finds


BORIS Johnson’s comments about women in burkas gave the impression the Tories were insensitive to Muslims, a major investigation into the party has found.

A huge probe into the Conservatives shows that “high profile incidents” such as the PM’s ‘letterbox’ remarks gave a poor impression of the party and the leader.

Boris Johnson made insensitive comments about women in burkas

The PM, who gave evidence to the report after he agreed to it two years ago during the Tory leadership race, said he wouldn’t use the words again today as PM.

He said he was “obviously sorry” for any offence taken but suggested that his writings were “often parodic, satirical”.

The PM added: “It was an honest defence for a woman’s right to wear what she chooses.”

The PM had written in a Telegraph article that women in burkas “go around looking like letterboxes”.

Mr Johnson said that he had written “millions of words as a journalist” and that sometimes “snapshots from articles” had been taken out of context.

He said that he had studied the Quran and did not believe that Islam or Muslims in Britain posed a threat to the nation.

The PM admitted that the party could do more to educate its members about the code of conduct.

The report today said the party was “seen to have a perception problem” and his words “on Muslim women in burqas give an impression to some of a Party and its leadership that are insensitive to certain communities.”

A Conservative Party spokesperson said today: “The Party is considering the recommendations set out by the report. We will respond later today.”

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