Boris Johnsons deal is near if the rabble alliance dont wreck it, that is

Boris Johnson’s deal is near… if the rabble alliance don’t wreck it, writes Trevor Kavanagh

YOU got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em. Know when to walk away and know when to run, sings Kenny Rogers in The Gambler.

Englands 2007 rugby World Cup anthem should be crawling around like an earworm at this weeks high-wire, 11th-hour Boris v Brussels Brexit talks.

After years of painful dithering, we have reached the die-in-a-ditch moment predicted by the PM when he first walked into No 10.

Security on the negotiations is watertight. Everyone assumes the French and Germans are bugging our phones so they’ve made us lock them away in lead boxes, says an insider.

The EU mood changed after an explosive threat by Supreme EU Leader Angela Merkel to seize Northern Ireland as an EU hostage was leaked by Sun columnist James Forsyth.

The conversation, witnessed by two dozen officials, could not be denied. “Nobody knows if she got out of bed the wrong side or fluffed her lines, says a source.

But as a result, everyone finally understood we want a deal, but are not bluffing about No Deal. Ireland’s Leo Varadkar realised if we had an election on No Deal, we would win a majority. He would face total disaster.

Varadkar decided for the first time to negotiate seriously. Hopes rose on Friday and Saturday but subsided yesterday as the European Commission stuck its oar in.

Along with Ireland, we can see a landing zone for a deal, says a source. The Commission may play hard ball and push that landing zone further away from what the DUP and the Tory Brexiteers will accept.


The decision is finely balanced. If the Irish want a deal, there will be one. If not, there won’t.

This is crunch week, with the Queens Speech setting out Boriss election stall today, more talks in Brussels and a crisis sitting of Parliament on Saturday.

Last night all eyes were on talks over dinner between Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron.

Significantly, Tory Spartans leader Steve Baker is being kept more closely informed on progress than many Cabinet ministers. Steve is quite happy, says a fellow Leaver.

At the heart of these anguished negotiations is sovereignty as it has been since Referendum Day. Britain did not vote for a half-in, half-out Brino (Brexit In Name Only).

Any deal has to honour Boriss repeated pledge to end the EU role as colonial masters of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

We must take back control over our laws, our borders and our economy.


Leaving without a deal would hit all sides. But Britain is much better prepared than a few months ago. We can cope just fine, says an insider.

But the risk to Europe, already sliding into recession and with a global downturn under way, is huge. Ireland would be knocked sideways.

With the help of the sensible wing of the Labour Party together with most Tory Remainers, a deal is within reach.

Just one giant tank trap lies in the way a renegade parliamentary rabble spurred on by rogue Speaker John Bercow and a plot to scupper Brexit altogether.

This bickering bunch of Revokers, Remainers and Rejoiners, led by Labour stooge Keir Starmer, want a delay under the Surrender Act followed by a divisive second referendum.

There is even a sick joke about a Government of National Unity, with barking Bercow as PM.

But these mavericks are gambling for sky-high stakes, too. An early election is inevitable, backed by the SNP which wants it out of the way before the January trial of ex-leader Alex Salmond for alleged sex crimes.

Whichever way they voted in 2016, people are sick of Brexit. Many who voted Remain now want Out.

Even Lib Dem loyalists are appalled by its decision to rejoin. They want it over and done with.

If Boris comes back with a deal acceptable to the DUP, hardline Tories and moderate Labour MPs, how will voters react to a desperate mob of sour losers trying to prolong the nations agony?

Varadkar, pictured with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, decided for the first time to negotiate seriously
All eyes were on talks over dinner between Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron, who called for an end to Turkey’s offensive against Kurds
Just one giant tank trap lies in the way a renegade parliamentary rabble spurred on by rogue Speaker John Bercow

Crusties’ hypocrisy

CRUSTIES bringing London to a halt over global warming should be ashamed of themselves.

But not so ashamed as the mega-rich luvvies belching CO2 out of their first-class airline seats.

Climate change is a problem. Britain leads most of the world in cutting greenhouse gases. But the human race will adapt, thanks to science, backed by global capitalism.

The real threat is not hot air. It is the plastic coating our planet, oceans and ice caps.

Yet every one of these bleating anarchists seems to be carrying a plastic bag, plastic water bottle or plastic tent.

Where is their sense of responsibility to future generations?