Brexit Budget: Sajid Javid reveals first UK budget after leaving the EU will take place on 6 November

Sajid Javid has revealed he will hold the next Budget on 6 November

BRITAIN’s first Brexit Budget will take place on 6 November – after the country is scheduled to be out of the European Union.

Sajid Javid revealed this morning he is planning to reveal his plans to shape the country’s economy in just five weeks time.

He said this morning: “This will be the first Budget after leaving the EU. I will be setting out our plan to shape the economy for the future and triggering the start of our infrastructure revolution,” Mr Javid said.

“This is the right and responsible thing to do – we must get on with governing.”

The Budget is slightly earlier than usual – most are held in late November or early December.

There was speculation that the Chancellor could have an emergency statement if Britain leaves the EU without a deal too.