Campaigners Criticize Government’s Plans to Cut Special Education Needs Projects by a Fifth


Campaigners have voiced their opposition to the government's proposed plan to reduce spending on special educational needs projects by 20%. The Department for Education has advised councils to make budget cuts, despite earlier assurances by ministers that there were no reduction targets.

Funding Cuts

Councils are already grappling with growing demand for special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) programs, coupled with limited budgets. Critics argue that the government's plans will undermine children's education in an attempt to balance the books.

Consultancy Firm Hire

Furthermore, the Department for Education signed a £19.5 million contract last June with consultancy firm Newton Europe to implement these cuts. This move has been criticized as irresponsible and is expected to shift the funding burden onto schools, which are already facing financial crises.

Parents' Concerns

Gillian Doherty, a spokesperson for the campaign group Send Action, expressed her concerns, stating that this decision will only make it more challenging for parents to secure the support their children need and deserve.

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