Carrie seen for the first time since marrying Boris Johnson in secret Westminster ceremony


CARRIE Johnson has been seen for the first time since marrying Boris in a secret ceremony last month.

The pair got hitched in a private ceremony at Westminster Cathedral at the end of May, before heading back to the No10 garden for a reception.

Carrie was seen in public for the first time since her wedding today as she took a walk in Westminster
The PM’s new wife was wearing a green floral dress and dark shades

The pair held a scaled-down reception in the Downing Street back garden, complete with singing songs around a campfire and afternoon tea for guests.

The couple, who share one-year-old Wilfred together, are expected to celebrate with a bumper bash next summer, before going on their official honeymoon.

The pair took a short “mini moon” break after their wedding to an undisclosed location in the UK – believed to be by the seaside.

He was the first PM to get married in office in nearly 200 years, and is Britain’s first Catholic Prime Minister.

Yesterday the PM claimed to be a “very, very bad Christian” – just a week after he was married for the third time in a Roman Catholic Cathedral. 

The PM, 56, who has been divorced twice, said: “Christianity makes a lot of sense to me”. 

It came despite a fiery backlash from the PM being allowed to marry at Westminster Cathedral.

Fellow worshippers expressed disbelief that he was allowed to get hitched for the third time in such a prestigious setting  – as his two prior nuptials weren’t seen as legal in the eyes of Catholics.

It’s one of the first times Mr Johnson has talked openly about his religion, and usually keeps personal matters like faith close to his chest.

He told The Atlantic: “Christianity is a superb ethical system and I would count myself as a kind of very, very bad Christian.

“No disrespect to any other religions, but Christianity makes a lot of sense to me.”

Back in 2015 he said it would be “pretentious” to say he was a “serious, practising Christian”.

The PM, who was baptised but later denounced his Catholicism by being confirmed in the Anglican faith, married his fiancée Carrie, who took Mr Johnson’s surname.

Boris and Carrie got married in a secret ceremony

Carrie and Boris in the No10 garden after their wedding on May 30

The bride wore a stunning borrowed white gown and flowers in her hair

Musicians played their afterparty in the No10 garden, which went on until the small hours